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Instagram: Dara Reminisces her “Colorful Darong” Time During AON Concert Tour ~ “Missing You!”

Beautiful, beautiful Dara! ❤ During soundcheck during one of their AON soundchecks or rehearsals.. I miss 2NE1.. T_T I miss colorful Singer Darong as well.. T_T But I also am loving beautiful, stylish, fashionable Actress Sandara Park.. 



This is only last year.. But why does my feel (aura/atmosphere) seem so different?! Why was I dressed so brightly though!ㅋㅋㅋ Missing you, colorful Darong~


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Video: WINNER Performs 2NE1’s “Missing You” on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

WINNER performs a beautiful cover of 2NE1’s “Missing You” on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. Nam Taehyun’s voice is just divine.

How about you guys? What do you think of WINNER’s cover?

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Videos: 2NE1 Reveals Japanese Version PVs for “Missing You,” “Do You Love Me,” “Happy,” and “Gotta Be You”

OMG! I didn’t expect that they’d show Japanese version MVs this early! When I saw the schedule, I really thought they’d show the Korean MVs, but surprise surprise, there’s two Japanese version PVs for us to spazz about! ❤ 

I don’t think they changed a lot for Missing You PV, but they have a lot of new scenes previously not seen on the Korean version of the MV for “Do You Love Me” and it’s awesome! The girls really let loose and looked like they had a lot of fun! More swimming pool scenes, more car scenes (except Dara because she was driving, so she needed to concentrate on the road), more beach scenes, and more party scenes! Yay!!! ❤





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Videos+Eng Subs: 140524 2NE1’s Amazing, Heart-Felt Performance for Sketchbook Tribute to Sewol Ferry Tragedy

2NE1 did so so so well at Sketchbook! Their emotions were just spilling through their performance. T_T “Come Back Home” and “Missing You” are so apt for the people who had loved ones at the Sewol Ferry tragedy at that time. T_T And props to leadah CL for doing her best at singing live, her husky voice complimented the song’s message well.. ❤

[HIT] 2NE1 – Come Back Home on Sketchbook

[HD] 140524 2NE1 – Missing You (그리워해요) – YHY Sketchbook

[ENG SUB] 140524 2NE1’s Talk on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

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Video: 140212 Fancam OF 2NE1’s Performance of “Missing You” at Gaon Chart K-pop Awards

[140208] 가온차트 kpop어워즈 2ne1


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Video: 140212 2NE1’s Stirring Performance of “Missing You” at Gaon Kpop Awards

2NE1’s performance was spot-on! Though I do terribly miss our girls’ fierce foursome personas on stage, it’s also great for them to show a different side. ^^

[Live_HD] 140212 2NE1 – Missing You @The 3rd GAON Chart Kpop Awards

Credits:QTDPRO KMusic Live

Photos: 140212 Press Pictures of 2NE1 Performing “Missing You” on Gaon Chart Kpop Awards

I love how simple, yet super effective and awesome their stage is.. ❤





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Photo: Adorable Polaroid of Cute Dara During “Missing You” Promotions

Dara is so so so cute and pretty in this picture! ❤ Hahaha, the boot-phone! ❤ This polaroid came with “Missing You” CD that the girls gave to fans who showed up in all of their performances. ^^



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Video: Winner’s Cover of Missing You by 2NE1

WINNER’s Cover of Missing You

WINNER – 그리워해요 (up to 1080p quality)

Here are the top comments for WINNERTV Episode 7:

netizen comments

Click here for the lyric translations!


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News: WINNER Challenges 2NE1 By Singing WINNER’s Version of “Missing You”

WINNER Challenges 2NE1 By Singing WINNER’s Version of “Missing You”


[스타뉴스 이지현 기자] YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new boy group WINNER (NAM TAEHYUN, KANG SEUNGYOON, SONG MINHO, KIM JINWOO, and LEE SEUNGHOON) challenges their senior YG group 2NE1 (BOM, DARA, CL, and MINZY).

WINNER discloses WINNER’s version of “MISSING YOU”, 2NE1’s ballad song, in cable channel Mnet’s reality show “WINNER TV” that will be broadcasted in the evening on the 24.

WINNER’s “MISSING YOU” starts with SONG MINHO’s rap and is an acoustic song in which the tones of KANG SEUNGYOON, NAM TAEHYUN, and KIM JINWOO create a harmony.

Plus, WINNER’s “1st WINNER WINTER SPORTS COMPETITION” held on a snow field will be also disclosed in the episode, too.

WINNER members compete with one another to gain the gold medal in the sports competition of three events including a race on a snowy field, hit-or-miss snow sledge race, and snow wrestling.

Meanwhile, WINNER is to make their official debut by the end of February this year.


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WINNER Challenges 2NE1..What Would WINNER style ‘Missing You’ Be Like


[OSEN=Hwang Mi Hyun] YG Entertainment (YG)’s WINNER will sing 2NE1’s song ‘Missing You’.

Through Mnet ‘WINNER TV’ that will be on air on January 24th, WINNER is expected to sing a group 2NE1’s song ‘Missing You’.

WINNER reinterprets the song ‘Missing You’ with their own individuality, the song in which the sad sentiments of 2NE1 were noticeable. It is heard that WINNER’s ‘Missing You’, which begins with Song Min Ho’s rap, is born again as the song that has acoustic and unique feeling with the guitar and vocal from the leader Kang Seungyoon and when Nam Tae Hyun and Kim Jin Woo’s tone that has strong individuality is combined together.

Moreover, on this day, along with the revealing of WINNER’s cover song, they will hold ‘1st WINNER winter sports competition’ on a vast snow field. They are expected to show strong desire to win through a total of 3 sports such as running, random snow sled race and eye battle.

‘WINNER TV’ will be on air every Fridays at 10pm through Mnet and NAVER TV cast.


Source: Naver Star Cast