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Video: Beautiful Performance of “Come Back Home” Unplugged From 2NE1 World Tour Live CD – “All Or Nothing”

Oh wow! Such perfect voices for a beautiful song. ❤ I’m so proud of Dara for finally playing the guitar in front of Blackjacks. T_T Coming from someone who plays the guitar, I can say that Dara really did well. And her voice is just gaaaah! She really fits acoustic songs the most. Beautiful perf right here! ♥

Credits: hyeon woo aldrete

Videos+Eng Subs: 140524 2NE1’s Amazing, Heart-Felt Performance for Sketchbook Tribute to Sewol Ferry Tragedy

2NE1 did so so so well at Sketchbook! Their emotions were just spilling through their performance. T_T “Come Back Home” and “Missing You” are so apt for the people who had loved ones at the Sewol Ferry tragedy at that time. T_T And props to leadah CL for doing her best at singing live, her husky voice complimented the song’s message well.. ❤

[HIT] 2NE1 – Come Back Home on Sketchbook

[HD] 140524 2NE1 – Missing You (그리워해요) – YHY Sketchbook

[ENG SUB] 140524 2NE1’s Talk on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

Credits: KBSKpop + Gie Cui +  C7213subs