‘Monthly Release?’ 2NE1’s Release Strategy Even Surprised Foreign Media


[OSEN= Young Jin Lim] It seems that foreign media are also surprised at 2NE1’s release strategy of releasing one single per month from July to October.

MTV, Spin.com and Billboard.com of the U.S highlighted 2NE1’s comeback with their new reggae-style single ‘Falling In Love’ and their release strategy to release one single per month for 4 consecutive months.

On 9th, Online version of MTV stated that “2NE1 plans to release singles one per month and this means you will be facing the best days of your life. Well, it all comes down to your definition of ‘Best’ though” as it expressed its deepest interest in 2NE1.

In addition, Billboard also made a news out of 2NE1’s comeback as they stated on July 8th that 2NE1 plans to release one song a month from July to October. Billboard expressed its expectations towards 2NE1’s future career as it wrote “With their single ‘I Love You’, 2NE1 topped music charts for 2 weeks in a row last year. Moreover, 2NE1’s leader CL ranked 4th on the chart (as of June) with her solo ‘The Baddest Female'”.

Unfortunately 2NE1 was unable to actively show up on screens and stages due to a tight schedule such as their world tour last year. It is estimated that 2NE1 will once again sweep Korea’s Summer and Fall by releasing 4 singles in a row starting with ‘Falling In Love’ on 8th this month. 2NE1 aims to release at least 4 songs until October.

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk commented that he always wished 2NE1 had more time to continue their career in the domestic arena. He added that “This is why we reached a conclusion that it would be better to release these singles one per month, which are outcomes of 2NE1’s tireless efforts in the past 2 years, rather than releasing them in a lump sum. 2NE1 plans to continue their domestic career constantly for this time.” It is also told that they will be throwing a concert in October.

2NE1 is currently wrapping up their current activities on the new single. One related staff from the YG Entertainment stated that 2NE1 is nearly done with their recordings, performance and general preparations.

Credits: Naver Star

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