Special | 2NE1 comeback, now with Naver Music!

2NE1 are returning after a year, with “Falling In Love.” “Falling In Love” is expected to have a reggae style, which is a genre that 2NE1 has never done before, rising up to this challenge with their new style in music. The song has a distinct summer feel, and the reggae melody is impressive. The challenge of a new reggae genre may be imminent, but it is expected that 2NE1’s unique colors and strengths would win the hearts of fans and the public.


Group photo! Loving the rustic feel of this one.. ^_^ Park sisters sitting down together, while maknaes are standing up.. ^_^


OH.MY.GOSH. Minzy looks crazy awesome with pastel pink hair! <333


Gorgeous, sexy Bommie be working it!!! ❤


And here’s CL-roo, be all chill, lying down under the sun. ^_^




Source: Naver Music Special Promotions

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos/Feature: Trendy 2NE1’s New Looks for New “Falling In Love” Promotional Pictures" (20)

  1. lemonade said:

    I’m predicting in the mv, there’s a scene where they are from a beach first then they transport to another world, the egyptian realm. The water from the mirror to the water in the egyptian realm photo gave me this idea. I hope it is. 2NE1 jang!

  2. i olso love this.. really can’t wait for they coming back aim so excited woohoo.. i wish that some day i can watch they love performance!..but i know its impossible. hahaist..but still then i really really love this fabulous 2ne1..:)

  3. they really are the Goddesses of kpop… it suits their concept now to their status…………

  4. Dara’s pic is so far, I want close up pic. =(

  5. I Am So ready!
    My Girls are Coming back! Finally!!
    MY Darling GODDESS!!!
    Ethereal Beauty No Doubt!

  6. oh whoa! Bommie is wearing a swimsuit under that sexy!

  7. !they’re all gorgeous!!! especially my Dara… 🙂

  8. Real Beyonce is gorgeous said:

    illuminati much?…eww…Hey admin, it’s not 2ne1 fansite!!!ITS DEE FANSITE!!!ugh….we only want Dee’s close up!!!

  9. Aw, I want to see a close-up pic of Dara! All the girls look great, I love Minzy’s look especially!

  10. Lambada said:

    This is dabaek! The teasers coming out are gettings more intense. Love Minzy’s pink hair here. YG really knows how to pump excitement. WOOHH!

  11. Love love love Bommie’s and Minzy’s shots! Thank God they gave Minzy a fresh style which exudes sexiness and gives off her personality! Bom’s beauty shines as well.

  12. Why no close up puc for dara?i want her close up pic badly.

  13. Btw, any mention on who wrote lyrics/music for this song? Just wondering if it was Teddy or someone outside of YG?? Can’t wait to hear it and see the girls perform.

  14. cyndikrystelle said:

    Dara-unnie’s close up, juseyo!~(TTwTT)

  15. Love how they can transform effortlessly between funky retro
    to sexy elegance. The girls look really beautiful here.

  16. This is what you call “CLASSY”!~~~very expensive at its best!…2NE1 the B-E-S-T!!!!~~~~

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