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Photos: BTS Photos For Adidas Winter 2012 Campaign

How cute are the BTS photos? ^_^ Adidas blogged about the shoot for Adidas Winter 2012. They said that it was right after 2NE1 made an appearance for Cannes Festival last June. They held it at Bormio, in Italy… The girls, because of their rigid schedules, only had 2-3 hours of sleep before the shoot, but the staff and photographer, Jason Joyce, was impressed by their professionalism and how they stayed enthusiastic and energetic throughout the shoot.

It was the first time that all the models for Adidas got together, and at first, it was awkward between our girls and the two great athletes, but in time, after the snowball fight scenes and other shoots, the atmosphere became warmer between them. ^^

Adidas blog also mentioned that Dara, who had a fierce, shaved haircut right before the shoot, donned a cute hat, and was all excited for a toboggan ride down the snowy slope. ^^

Check out BoMin’s photos after the cut!


Video: 2NE1, Yoo Seungho and Son Heung Min Adidas Winter CF ‘Let’s get out there!’ (Performance ver.)

Yay! Another version of the girls’ CF!!! Can I just say they look REALLy adorbz?!? Kya~

Check it out!!! (人´∀`*)

Source: alladidaskr YT

Photos: More BTS pictures of Playful 2NE1 for Adidas Winter!

Dara is just so so adorable!!! Look at her being all perfect in the snow and her winter-wear  


And… Here are a couple more BTS pictures from 2NE1’s Adidas Winter CF alongside actor Yoo Seungho and soccer player Son Heung Min!!! 



Photos: 2NE1 BTS of Adidas Winter CF

Here are some pictures from the Adidas Winter CF!

How cute is Dara throwing snow at Yoo Seung Ho and soccer player Son Heung Min, keke.


Doesn’t Dara look so cute with her pink coat? 

The girls are just so adorable!!!