Ooohhhhh!!! Here’s our first look at GORGEOUSSSSSS Dara for Moonshot’s 2016 Spring Collection called, “GO GLAM.” ^_______^ Doesn’t she look so very pretty and regal? O_O Like a beautiful Orient princess.. ❤

Dara will be promoting the “Go Glam” line which includes “G01 Go Glam,” “Powder Block P13 Galliano,” and “Cream Paint 808 Orange Soufflé” showing the bright spring colors.. ^_^ The line will be out on the 15th! ❤



moonshot spring look with Sandara Park

moonshot ‘Go Glam’ spring look with Sandara park. 산다라박과 함께한 문샷의 ‘Go Glam’ 스프링룩 공개!

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Source: moonshot cosmetics + Moonshot korea + moonshotkorea

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Official/ Photo+Video: Moonshot Cosmetics Releases Teasers of Beautiful, Regal Sandara Park for their New Spring 2016 Collection “Go Glam”" (3)

  1. I’m sorry, but that eye shadow is hideous. They’re lucky that Dara is the one endorsing, otherwise it will look like a complete mess. I agree with the other poster, Dara and Etude are the best combination. Clio is okay too, but too mature. I don’t get this moonshot cosmetic, base on this picture and the other models picture, I think moonshot is stuck with 80’s…

  2. i told u so said:

    YG Stylist=idiots
    Deni Apriliandi=faggot kontol
    Dara haters=horny fangirls/faggot/plastic fans/beyonce wannabe fans.
    Anyone or anybody can be friend to us(age,race,gender,class,religion,etc)!!!Goddess Dee fighting!!

  3. alohadara said:

    My favorite makeup commercials of Dara was Etude. They were so creative in her “kiss” and “Barbie” like commercials with Shinee, or dancing, chasing after balloons, eating cake, playing ping pong etc. I thought Clios commercials were boring where they just had her sit as if the rest of her body wasnt important. And this Moonshot commercial is just like Clios, boring with no creativity. Of couse Dara saves it all with her stunnng beauty. Dara is not only beautiful, she can tell a story prancing through a spring meadow, lots of flowers around, going to a park, celebrating at a party and so much more. We know she can look playful, sexy, youthful, drop dead gorgeous and how better to sell the makeup when theres a concept or story to tell. Would also like to see her and Gd posing or playing together or even going out on the town. If you want to look stunning like Dara and Gd, wear Moonshot!

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