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Vid: Etude Kiss Note, Episode 3 With Eng Subs!

YAY! Here we go, Eng subs! Thanks to the shiningsalamanders on YouTube for the fast subs! ^^

[ENG] Etude Kiss Note Ep3 Dara & Taemin CF


Vids: Kiss Note Episodes 1 And 2 With Eng Subs!

WEEE! Eng subs! ^^ Let’s also not forget to watch the episodes on Etude Blog’s official YouTube channel! ^.^ Right now, both episodes 1 and 2 have more than 100,000 views, great job everyone! ^^ Let’s make it to 200,000 before the first week mark? ^^

Kiss Note Episode 1: Dara and Jonghyun!

Kiss Note Episode 2: Dara and Key!


Vid: Dara And Taemin’s Adorable CF For Kiss Note Episode 3, Exciting Orange!

Sandara And SHINee’s Taemin For Kiss Note Episode 3!

Vid Desc:

Dara & SHINee’s KISS NOTE #3. The story of Orange color lips is falling in Exciting Love

Episode 3 : The exciting love adventure of orange lips
What color is excitement? Exciting Orange
With this, all the men in the world will be mine!


OMFG!!! I cannot! This CF is 100 shades of adorable, my heart cannot take it! Seriously, Dara and Taemin look like they’re the same age! /cries OMG so adorable the way Dara talked to herself while looking at the lipstick! Haha! And Taemin’s kiss on the cheek before Dara runs away to answer Minho’s call! SO SO SO CUTE!!! /spazzes forever

Vid: Dara And Key’s Cute CF For Kiss Note, Exciting Red!

Oh my gosh! This is so cute! Check it out and then spazz with me! Kekeke! XDDD

Sandara And SHINee Etude Kiss Note, Episode 2! For exciting red!

Video Description:

Dara`& SHINee’s KISS NOTE #2. The Story of Red Color Lips has Got Racy Love Experiences

Episode 2 : The episode of red lip’s exhilarating love 
What color could express thrill? Exhilarating red? 
Knock knock! KISS NOTE. I can’t believe this, it’s a dream~


Dara’s cute walk at the start! Dara slapping the innocent lipstick like it did her so much wrong, hahaha! So so so cute! XD Key giving out flying kisses like a boss! Dara’s cuteeee face when Key kissed her! And run, Dara, run from Key’s fangirls in the end! Haha! OMG so so so cute, this CF is so full of cute and fluff, I can’t!!! T_T /watches again

News[Trans]: Sandara Park,Becomes CF Director? Directs and Composes “Me2day” Advertisement

weeeeeeeee.. can’t wait for PD-nim Dara’s debut cf tomorrow.. <33

Video: 2NE1’s 11st CF

Credit: ohdara1

classy… smexy… gorgeous… GODDESS D ❤ – Lee


Video: 2NE1’s Baskin Robbins Christmas CF is out!

Kyaa! All 2NE1 girls in fuzzy pink dresses and stuffed animal type hats. Don’t hate, appreciate. 😀

credit: taijizero1@youtube