Sandara And SHINee’s Taemin For Kiss Note Episode 3!

Vid Desc:

Dara & SHINee’s KISS NOTE #3. The story of Orange color lips is falling in Exciting Love

Episode 3 : The exciting love adventure of orange lips
What color is excitement? Exciting Orange
With this, all the men in the world will be mine!


OMFG!!! I cannot! This CF is 100 shades of adorable, my heart cannot take it! Seriously, Dara and Taemin look like they’re the same age! /cries OMG so adorable the way Dara talked to herself while looking at the lipstick! Haha! And Taemin’s kiss on the cheek before Dara runs away to answer Minho’s call! SO SO SO CUTE!!! /spazzes forever

Comments on: "Vid: Dara And Taemin’s Adorable CF For Kiss Note Episode 3, Exciting Orange!" (12)

  1. flychicken97 said:

    poor taemin!! haha XD
    window is more interest than dara -eh? haha
    evil dara~~ 😀
    love them \^^/

  2. hahah Dara&Key made me laugh cause theirs are funny but this cf made me laugh because it’s just sooo adorable!! Dara & Taemin are soo adorableeeee!!!

    Dara’s evil & cocky side hahah!! she’s getting carried away with that kiss note!! Taemin kissing the window haahahah!! ^.^

  3. ilovedara said:

    This is to cute:)) gosh can’t w8 for the last ep^^
    shinnee and Dee fighting!! :))

  4. This is so adorable. It’s also funny since Taemin just continued kissing the window.

  5. LOL!! OMG!! So cute!!!! Dara is so adorable. So funny how she’s talking Minho and his just there kissing the window. Hahahahaha

  6. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha EPIC FAIL!!! Funny Ssantoki<3333
    Dorky Dara+Maknae taemin= cute overload!!LOVE THIS CF!!Thanks Etude<3333

    • Goddess Vampire Dee sitting like a Boss FTW<3333 Oh gosh, i really want to see her in a drama!!!!!!

  7. let’s show our love and support to dara, click on the link to vote her kpop princess and please spread the word

  8. goddess dara, you’re the best!

  9. OMG this is like the cutest thing ever!! how her inner devil and angel spoke to her hahaha and aww poor taemin didn’t get a full on kiss xD and that phone case.. i want it!!!

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