Kyaaaa!! This is it! The first CF for Etude Olympics!!! This CF is cuteness overload!!! I just hope Etude will upload the CF in HD, then it’ll be perfect!!! <333

They placed a vanity mirror in replacement of the hurdle and Dara totally pawned her opponents! Go go go Dara!!! ^___^

Check out the cute caps below! ^^

And the winner is… Sandara Park!!! ^___^

Source: etudeblog@YouTube

Comments on: "Video/Caps: Etude’s Skin Coool World Championship Day 1 – 110m Hurdle" (5)

  1. such a genius CF!!!Luv it SO MUCH<3333 Olympic theme cf+Sweetie Dee+Shinne boys= PERFECT!!!Thanks Etude!!!!

  2. bratty21 said:

    she’s so cute!!!!

  3. Elsieds  said:

    Cute and funny haha

  4. ROFL! she’s so cute with that shuffling xDD

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