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Photos/Official: CeCi Offers a Sneak Peek into their “All About Love” Feature with Sandara Park, Jang Kiyong, JooWooJae, and Byeon Woo Seok

all about love

“Talking about love, getting hurt by good-byes, and then loving someone again. Sandara Park, Jang Kiyong, JooWooJae, Byeon Woo Seok. What kind of love do you have during February, when Valentine’s Day is waiting?”





Source: CeCi Korea

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Videos/Raw: 170112 OnStyle Official Video Cuts of Cutie Sandara Park’s Transformation into “Harley Quinn” for “Lipstick Prince”

Please watch on OnStyle’s official channel! ^^ Also, the princes did a wonderful job transforming Dara into Harley Quinn! We’ll put up the video with Eng Subs as soon as they are out.. ^^

Credits: OnStyle

More vids after the cut!


Instagram: CeCi Korea Reveals a “Spoiler Alert” While Invading their February Issue Filming Site ~ Dara with Byeon Woo Seok, Jang Kiyong, and Joo Woo Jae

OMFG!!!! What is this?! Three guys?! OMFG yes Dara is a goddess, I know! ❤ I cannot wait for CeCi’s February issue! This looks bombing! And yes, Dara looks so very beautiful.. Look at her snuggling next to Kiyong though.. 😄



Photos/Official: Beautiful Princess Sandara Park Featuring in OnStyle “Lipstick Prince” Power Analysis Chart

4 2

Who among the 7 great Princes will steal Princess Sandara Park’s heart? Find out tonight, 9PM KST!



Source: ONSTYLE(온스타일)

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Videos: 170108 MBC’s Official Cuts of Wonderful Noona Sandara Park on “Secretly, Greatly” with Thunder

Here are Dara’s cuts for “Secretly, Greatly”~! She’s such a really lovely and nice noona.. A lovely and nice person in general to be honest.. TT She wanted to hold back Thunder from signing the scam contract, but I think she didn’t want him to think that she didn’t trust him, so she just kept glaring and silently communicating with him kekeke! ^^ Then when chaos broke out and Thunder was being grabbed, she just went and silently pulled him back behind her, even when she’s wayyyy smaller compared to him.. TT

No subs yet, we’ll put up the videos with subs as soon as we can.. ^^

Credits: MBCentertainment

News/Official: YG Life – [POP Issue] 2NE1 Says Goodbye By Releasing a New Single in Three Years

[POP Issue] 2NE1 Says Goodbye By Releasing a New Single in Three Years


2NE1 is to release a new single for the first time in three years to say goodbye to their fans.

CL and DARA’s agency YG Entertainment issued an official announcement on January 5 and said, “CL, DARA, and BOM is to release a new single titled ‘GOOD BYE’ on January 21. They have recently finished recording the song and shooting the music video. It will be their last official song.” It’s been only two months since the group’s disbandment, and all the 2NE1 members got together except for MINZI.

2NE1 announced their disbandment in November last year. YG said, “We decided that it will be difficult to maintain 2NE1 as a group and focusing on supporting them as solo artists is better. We renewed contracts with CL and DARA in May, but unfortunately, not with BOM.” As of now, there is no news of BOM joining another agency.

After the official announcement, DARA, CL, and BOM each expressed how sad they are on their SNS pages. They expressed how sorry they are to cause pain to their fans as well as how thankful they are to their fans and that they will forever cherish the memories.” MINZI, who left the group in April last year, also wrote a letter saying, “I’ve received so much love. To repay the love I got from the fans, I will continue to work hard and become better.”

Except for performing at the 2015 MAMA, 2NE1 had been on a long hiatus after releasing their second regular album “CRUSH” in February 2014. This is why the members felt that they did not say a proper goodbye to their fans. This is also the reason why CL, DARA, and BOM got together for this new single.

GOOD BYE” is a good bye from 2NE1 as well as their first new single in three years. MINZI is now a solo artist under Music Works, so she wasn’t able to participate. But still, fans are happy to see the three 2NE1 members together. YG artists have been dominating the charts since the beginning of this year, and we will soon be able to find out whether 2NE1′s new single will continue the trend and whether fans will welcome the group’s last present.

Credits: YG-Life


[Exclusive] 2NE1 Finished Shooting a Music Video on January 3. Does This Mean Reunion or a Present for Fans?


The recently-disbanded group 2NE1 had a secret get-together.

Sources informed Sports Today on January 5, “2NE1 finished shooting a music video on Janaury 3 abroad. MINZI already has another agency, so she wasn’t able to join them.”

YG Entertainment announced the disbandment of 2NE1 in November last year. CL and DARA renewed their contract with YG as solo artists, but not BOM. MINZI had left YG in April last year.

Fans were sorry to see the group disband suddenly, and many wanted them to reunite. Then came the news that 2NE1 is shooting a new music video, and people wandered about what it meant.

It is yet unclear whether this means that 2NE1 has reunited or it is a last present for the fans, but the fact that 2NE1 members came together will send shockwaves across Korea’s music scene.

Credits: YG-Life


[Official Announcement] YG Announces the Release of 2NE1′s New Single “GOOD BYE” on January 21


Girl group 2NE1 is to release “GOOD BYE” on January 21.

YG announced on January 5 that, “2NE1 was disbanded without even saying good bye to their fans, and through the new single, the group will express how sorry they are.”

CL, DARA, and BOM recently finished shooting the music video for “GOOD BYE” without MINZI.

This new single will be a good bye song from 2NE1, a group loved fans from in and out of the country.

Credits: YG-Life

Line: Pensive Dara Looks Back on 2016 ~ “Remember to Keep the Good Memories Instead of Regrets”

Dara has such beautiful, deep words.. TT I really hope that the new year brings good things to her! She’s been so positive despite everything and I hope we all take a leaf out of her book.. Remember to keep the good memories instead of the regrets so we may look forward to our tomorrows brightly! FIGHTING TO US ALL! ❤


There are only a few more days left for 2016. Every end of the year, I never wanted the new year to come since I’ll be aging another year then. But I hope this new year will come faster. ***year!!! Get out of my sight right now!!! (It’s not a curse. It’s a parody for ‘I Don’t Care’) Anyway! It’s a good idea to ring in the new year well.

Around this time of the year, I would have had a resolution that I would work hard at doing for the next year. However, the situation changed a lot a couple or so months ago. But this doesn’t mean that I’ve become a totally different person. It just seems like I need to re-think a couple of things on my bucketlist for the future from now on. (being edited now)

When living and trying hard at whatever kind of work, there are several processes that one must go through to gain achievement. But even then, there are many reasons why achievement isn’t attained. Sometimes I do things I don’t want to, sometimes I can’t do the things I want to do, sometimes I have to give up myself, sometimes it’s time zone issues that overlap with timing, but whatever the case, aren’t there several hundred reasons?! In the 7 years of the last 12 years, I worked on and went through a lot of things, and although I’ve had a lot of thoughts during those years, I’ve decided to focus on the happy moments in the past instead of the regrets; I’ve learned to remember only the good things so I could look forward to the future brightly. It’s better to live your days for the future.

This year, I started to be intensely active in my Philippines activities, which is something I want to do steadily in the future as well. Although I started in the Philippines at first, It’s been a long time since I did any activities there; I’ve always had this thought of returning there after my debut in 2NE1. However I have a lot of activities in Korea now too. What would be the main though?! Will I focus on being a singer or an actress? Questions such as that? I don’t think it should hold a lot of meaning. It’s not like two-timing in a relationship, I just like to work at many places while trying to do different challenges, I think it would be good to experience a lot. Was it… too long? I didn’t even write everything yet. I’ll just finish here and write again. I’ve been starving the whole day ㅠㅠ 🍚


Source:  Dara’s Line

Translated by: WeLoveDara

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Instagram: Dara posted an Unseen Photo of her Thanking Her Fans for Reaching 5Million Followers on Instagram


Happy 5M followers 😃🙏🏻 Thank you!!!

This picture might be from the photo shoot she did in Thailand?


Source: daraxxi

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Photos+TwitVids: 161223 Smiling, Pretty Sandara Park at Thailand’s Suvannabhumi International Airport Going Back to Korea

Dara is so cute! And OMG I want this cap! ❤ Thanks as always, Thai Blackjacks!










Sources: @xxxisugar @SmileMoSmOs @miimimay_  @xxpppan @bobolunla7 @MOTMIN1831

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Official/Video: Judge Sandara Park’s Sizzling Hot “KISS” Performance for PBS Grand Reveal

2 million views now! I hope that we can make it the most viewed video on PBS channel! 😄 It’s been trending on YouTube since it was first uploaded! Dara really really smoldered! I remember almost hyperventilating before her performance started and I was just repeating “OMG OMG OMG DARA DARA!” then when the music started I totally squealed “OMG KISSSSSS!!!” 😄 

Pinoy Boyband Superstar Grand Reveal: Sandara Park & Grand Finalists – “Kiss”

Credits: Pinoy Boyband Superstar

And just for fun, I will also post some reaction videos! There were A LOT of them, but I’m going to just post a few. ^^ Please do go on YouTube and watch Dara’s hot performance and let’s get the views up up up! ^^

Reaction videos after the cut!