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Line Play Diary: Chun-Li Sandara Park Encourages K-Blackjacks to Attend Battle Trip Recording this Saturday

Dara is recording this Saturday and encouraging Blackjacks to come attend! She even taught them what to write in their application to get into the show kekeke!😄


Today, I’m going to share a bit of information for Blackjacks who
have been asking for it.
Battle Trip recording will be on 9/3, right~
Although it’s actually quite difficult to apply this time around
I think you shouldn’t be afraid to try ^^;;; *sobs*… Don’t do that  (T/N: be afraid to try)
What a surprise, right!!!
There’s a possibility that this information is short (on time)? @.@ (It isn’t… ㅋㅋㅋ)
Also, another thing, what story are you going to write in your application?
Your writing skills are surely good…? _-_
Just write with sincerity! ㅋㅋ
Ah I’m curious about what story you’ll write.
Write with honeesstttyyy
Say that recently, Dara doesn’t have much activities in Korea, so
you don’t have much opportunities to see her ㅠ.ㅠ  I really want to see you ..😞
My writing is a little unconventional.
When I was an elementary student, I got an award for it in school.. hihi… 😁✌🏻️
Anyway, fighting!!!
I too want to see Dara Tour with all Blackjacks~


Source: Dara Line Play Diary

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Photos+Videos/Official: Sandara Park and “Pinoy Boyband Superstar” Judges and Host on the Third Day of Shooting

Our judges looking great! Dara went for a cute, youthful fashion for today and she looks great! ^^ I think she and Vice matched, while Aga and Yeng matched with their more formal-looking ensemble.. ^^

Look at how cute this kid is!😄



And here’s a nice short clip of the celebrity judges and host!❤



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Photos: 160824 Official Behind-The-Scene Photos at “Pinoy Boyband Superstar” Filming, Day 2

The stylists are really upping up Dara’s goddess aura! Her styling is really the past two days of the shoot.. ^^





Sources: @boybandph

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Photo/Official: 160823 Official Behind-the-Scenes Look at Gorgeous PBS Judge Sandara Park at the First Day of Shooting

Dara is such a goddess, I literally cana’t.. TT Props to the stylist for making Dara’s beauty shine in this simple yet elegant style! I love her parted long waves, with the barely there make-up!❤ Her black and gold Moschino dress and  MZUU Hex Nuts Front Drop Earrings look really great on her too!❤




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Photos/Official: 160823 Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Philippine Talent Show “Pinoy Boyband Superstar” First Filming Day

Life has been crazy and I know I’ve a lot to update with, so I’m really sorry. . T_T I’ll update the blog ASAP and also do a layout change.. ^^

Anyways, Pinoy Boyband Superstar started filming today! Here are some behind-the-scenes pics of the four judges (from L->R): Actor/matinee idol Aga Muhlach, singer/composer Yeng Constantino, KPop Star/Asia’s goddess Sandara Park, and host/actor/singer/comedian Vice Ganda.. ^^





Before it started, the judges doodled to pass time! Look at Dara’s cute doodle.. XD 




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News+Official Photos: Sandara Park Lands First Lead Film Role

Sandara Park Lands First Lead Film Role


Sandara Park’s casting for film “One Step” (tentative title) has been confirmed.

The star will be portraying the main character Si Hyun who sees music in color. Si Hyun is a famous songwriter who falls into a slump after becoming unable to create songs. However, this changes after meeting Ji Il (Han Jae Suk).

“One Step” is described as a music drama that develops through the melodies connected to the past that Si Hyun dreams of every night as she finds her lost self through music. Music itself is another main character as well as Si Hyun’s life.


Director Jun Jae Hong of “Poongsan” will be leading the film. Also, MCC Entertainment who worked on the OSTs for dramas “The Great Queen Seon Deok,” “Behind the White Tower,” “Six Flying Dragons,” and more will be producing this movie. Lastly, renowned music director Kim Soo Jin has been working on the music for this film for three years with a team.

In addition, Jo Dal Hwan, Hong Ah Reum, and Jo Dong In will be joining lead actors Sandara Park and Han Jae Suk.

The film is scheduled to be released in theatres later this year and promises to be different from typical music films through warming hearts and comforting eyes and ears.

Credits: Soompi

Instagram+Video: Cutie Endorser Sandara Park Shares a Photo with Director Chris Applebaum from H&S CF Shoot

Dara is so cute!❤ And can’t wait for the other CFs that she already filmed for H&S!❤

Have you guys seen my latest commercial directed by Chris Applebaum? Check out this link~!!! 💙 #repost#HeadandShoulders #GandaraHair#DaraHair #해드앤숄더

This is the video she linked to.. ^^ It’s the Philippine-version of her CF! ^^

Sandara reveals her NEW secret to dandruff free, beautiful hair!


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Video/Official: Oh Dara! Sandara Park x L’Officiel Singapore August 2016

The magazines are out in Singapore!❤ To all our friends over at Singapore, please grab a copy! And to everyone who ordered the magazines through us, they will be shipped soon! <3 

Oh Dara! Sandara Park x L’Officiel Singapore August 2016

Get behind the scenes with Sandara Park at L’Officiel Singapore’s cover shoot. August 2016 issue, out now!


L’Officiel Singapore August 2016 issue, out now!
(Check out two all-new vids on our IG feed)

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Article: Sandara Park on the Cover of L’Officiel Singapore

Sandara Park On the Cover of L’Officiel Singapore

The August 2016 edition of L’OFFICIEL Singapore turns the spotlight on identity, heritage, culture and all things Asian.


South Korean hyperstar Sandara Park takes the lead in this month’s edition of L’Officiel Singapore. The bona fide entertainer – the 2NE1 member has a whopping 4.2 million followers on Instagram and has reigned supreme in music, television and film – fronts the magazine in a stunning cover and fashion editorial shot by Joel Low, and reveals a layer of sensitivity and seriousness seldom seen by the public.

Take a note or two from Asia’s brightest and most celebrated architects as a guide to making the coolest sartorial choices now, see how our favourite fashion designers have looked to (and still scour) the East for inspiration, and witness the glory of Chinese couturier Guo Pei’s stunningly realised creations. Plus, join Manila-born photographer Chuck Reyes as he captures five of the biggest next-gen Asian models on the streets of New York, garbed in this season’s comfiest togs.

In the lifestyle section, designer Jarrod Lim opens up about Crystalline, his collaboration with Royal Selangor, while the L’Officiel Singapore team explores cool spaces in Asia (including the cool relaunched K+ Curatorial Space at Scotts Square), delves into the growth of Christian art in Asia since the 13th century in an eye-opening exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum, and heads up to a little piece of paradise in Phuket that has seen the likes of G-Dragon, Snoop Dogg and Rita Ora.

“Is Orientalism pastiche or homage? And do we subconsciously expect Asian designers to downplay cultural codes so as to achieve an ‘international’ aesthetic, or do we celebrate their birthright to reference their heritage and culture? This issue we proudly do the latter,” says Grace Tay, Managing Editor of L’Officiel Singapore. “Join us as we celebrate Asia.”

Credits: L’Officiel Singapore

Photos: Official Previews of Sandara Park’s Edgy, Chic Cover and Spread for “L’Officiel Singapore” ~ “Oh! Dara!”

Previews are out on magzter for L’Officiel Singapore! We won’t be posting all the pictures, even though we’ve bought the magazine, until the physical magazines are out next week..❤

The photoshoot pictures are awesome, they really did an awesome job! The photos are a mix of feisty, edgy, bordering eccentric, but still fashionable, chic, and sexy! Dara proves that one can show the bare minimum of skin, and yet still be sexy..❤ I love it! Please watch out for more pics as soon as the magazines hit the stands!❤

And oh by the way, they titled it “Oh! Dara” the same name as the blog, and IDK, it just tickled me..😄

Issue description: K-pop hyperstar Sandara Park graces the cover of the August 2016 issue and leads the way in our celebration of Asia – from the region’s most provocative designers and architects to the coolest beauty wardrobes and travel destinations.



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Small Wonder: Given the rare chance, one discovers that under the veneer of South Korean star Sandara Park’s sugar, spice, and everything nice is a layer of sensitivity and seriousness.


Source: L’Officiel Singapore via Magzter

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