OMG THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN AND JUST GAHHH MY PERFECT GIRLS! OKay, so I cannot wait for the official MV to come! They made it work, see? Kekeke! ❤ And gahhh, Dara slithering, Dara working her legs.. SO SEXYYY!!! CL being all motherly towards Dara in the end when she came to get her and was like, “Okay sweetie, that’s enoough” like a mum getting her daughter, hahaha! ❤ And oohh, sexy Bommie and Mingkki! ❤

2NE1 – DO YOU LOVE ME M/V Episode#1

Credits: 2NE1

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 – DO YOU LOVE ME M/V Episode#1 ~ Be Prepared for some Crazy Fun!" (33)

  1. Blackjack808 said:

    When I first saw this video I thought they were drunk especially dara but she’s just being her self lol. The song reminds me of I Am The Best XD. I hope it’s good but I’m gonna trust yg of course :).

    • Sandara Stark said:

      Haha She’s really good in improvisation and comedic timing. Even her directors in the Philippines acknowledge it. People easier forget she’s a trained actress and can get into character spontaneously. 🙂

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  3. Sunrise Angel said:

    LMAO….Dee close the toilet lid after dancing around it!! XD
    Dorky Dee remain me of Kristen Wigg(SNL)<33 😀
    Luv this episode<33

  4. Stella Marris said:

    Hi admin…can you please update the list of Dara’s fanboys…hehe, thanks.

  5. From the start when it was announced that a home video would be made as they were having difficulties with the expensive version, I had great faith in Dara and the rest of 2NE1 pulling this off. Honestly,this would not work for other groups but with 2NE1??? Well…they’re a cut above the rest!!! And now I am really excited to enjoy what FUN they have in store for us….just a couple of days more…….wheeeee….

  6. Woohoo I just love this ..can’t wait for the mv of do you love me..hahaha..they oll pretty.special Dara..

  7. Dara was singing over while taking the video of CL from the beginning! The Do YOu Love Me part!LOL! That was cute and cool!

  8. the beat of this song is amazing and bom voice to!!! in chorus!! this gonna make u dance while in everywhere u are,,
    i like in car and party this song sweat it,,
    cant wait the dance step!!!they having a while they were in jeju and it will gonna be show in mv 4 dylm!! excited~~

  9. sivvvvvvvvy said:

    chaeraaaaaaaaaaaa ❤ Cl is the only one who can stop alieeeen Dara.lolol. It cannot be Bommie coz both are crazies! and Park Sisters together get even more crazier.lolol.

  10. We do love you,2ne1 are really have fun,in this mv.

  11. I love how people were so skeptical when they heard about the ‘home video’ concept and 2ne1 comes up yet again with something that is not only fresh and fun but also intimate. Just goes to show that these girls can do no wrong

    • chubbinita said:

      Your so right.. it only shows how unpredictable our girls are.. love them so much…

    • I’ve learned to not doubt 2ne1 since they never let me down. They’re always entertaining!^^

  12. Dara is cute and the last part when CL called her to go down, si so freaking cute Chaerin moment!

  13. Sandara Stark said:

    Dara’s being her 4D crazy self again. CL once said that if Dara’s drunk she rans around in circles and suddenly drops asleep. But show her a camera and she transforms into this alien! Haha

  14. Wohooo.. I wasn’t expecting this.. I freaking love the teaser! I cant wait! Oh gosh! I kept repeating the vid. Its really fun watching 2ne1 do their thing! They are all having fun!..

  15. Lolololol Dara looks drunk….

    • Sandara Stark said:

      Haha It’s only her being her 4D crazy self. CL once said that if Dara’s drunk she rans around in circles and suddenly drops asleep. She’s no fun drunk. But show her a camera and she transforms into this alien! She admitted that before. Haha

    • Probably drunk with fatigue from not enough sleep, the poor girls. Here’s wishing you much success with the video followed by at least 10 hours of sleep 🙂

    • Vintage vid said:

      NOPE!!!You must be new blackjack!!!sigh…. She’s just being dara<33 🙂

  16. I was having doubts about this video, but it actually looks good! Have to hear the rest of the song soon. From the chorus, I don’t think it’s better than IATB, but we’ll see this Wednesday. Good good! My only hope is for YG to stop mediaplaying so much. It’s only bringing negativity towards all of his artists. Someone needs to tell him that.

  17. I guess my apprehensions were for nothing. The video came out cool honestly. Oh who am I kidding. If it’s 2NE1 it always comes out awesome. Now all I have to do is wait for the song. Excited!!!! ♥

  18. Two more days?! I want it now!

  19. cant wait the chorus is awesome!!
    they are aborable~~figthtting girls…
    all they in the bathroom!!!kekwkeke cute”

  20. Reminds me so much of Miley’s latest mv. Kekekke i’m so excited this will be my ever favorite 2ne1 song that’s for sure

  21. I hear Cheundoong!! 2NE1 Nolja! CL Laughing, Minzy with the towel, Bommie with her balloon headband and Dara’s crazy antics! 😀

  22. AlohaDara said:

    Do You Love Me? Yes I do! Dara sexy by the toilet and like riding a bike or something. No matter how tiny she is, she can still be cute, crazy and sexy at the same time. Love Cl,Bom and Minzy too. But Dara just kills me everytime.

  23. LOL Dara is so cute and silly. <33 I kinda cringed when she closed the toilet and then put her hand behind her head ahhh I hope she washed her hands right after!

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