The Music Video is here! It doesn’t have a storyline like “Come Back Home,” but it has its merits. ^^ The girls didn’t change outfits, so it’s pretty much one-dimensional. ^^ It’s a feast on the eyes for the girls’ prettiness though! Dara looks really really pretty and fresh! ❤

2NE1 – ‘너 아님 안돼 (GOTTA BE YOU)’ M/V

Credits: 2NE1

Comments on: "Video/Official: Fresh-Faced 2NE1 Insists that it’s “Gotta Be You” in their Colorful Music Video" (18)

  1. admin here’s what story-line I could get from watching the MV, just in case some still dont get the story. kkk

  2. I only watched the mv maybe 3x? I didn’t like the shaky/jerky camera work. It gives me a headache and irritated me so much that I ended up not watching it much. I actually liked their homemade DYLM video more than I did this one. But that’s just me.

  3. Love 2ne1 said:

    I saw also 2nd version of the mv. No ash stymest. Check

  4. poohbearl0u said:

    Saw the Dance Version and they pretty much have equal screen time =)


    dance version admin. so much cooler (:

  6. erikcat said:

    I really like the MV a lot. Blackjacks are pretty much finicky fans. There are always complains. LOL

  7. admin~ I got a story line about the MV if anyone haven’t seen on my twitter.. if you like I wanna share ^^ (but its my own POV)

  8. I love the song!As artists I doubt 2NE1 wants to be pegged to one type of MV. So I am cool with this MV! The only song of 2Ne1 I was disappointed with was that in which the fans voted their input ( was that for Intel?)…so moral lesson…leave the creativity to the pros! :))

  9. I have to agree with the people that were disappointed with this. I guess YG spent all the MV budget on Come Back Home. Because the choreography reminded me so much of I Don’t Care, I was looking for something more cheerful and fun. Dara really looked really pretty and had considerable screen time, though.

  10. This MV… is just sigh…

    Bom has very little screen time.. the model is there for? I don’t get it. I was reading the small messages but it didn’t mean anything. The guy was saying he should apologize it was all his fault and now he is the one left screwed. But after it he is cuddling with CL? And putting Dara in random parts of the video coz she doesn’t have much lines in the song made it worse. I thought it would be Dara and the Guy because she were the one who appeared first but it was CL all along? And reading fans comments in YT is not good for my heart either.

    For a 5years anniversary MV, this isn’t much YG!

  11. @mary ellen Esguerra, the mv was lazy nontheless, if it had been properly thought out, people would’ve noticed THAT, much earlier. Instead we are forced to try and observe what exactly is actually meaningful in there other than the pretty effects on their skin and the tacky contrast between colors. Also, editing was pretty bad. I feel that all those ‘messages’ were kind of thrown in for the sake of giving some meaning to the mv but it doesn’t work for me. No amount of hidden messages or creative thinking can erase how badly done the video was. I agree that 2ne1 videos are awesome, but this one just was too random to take seriously.

  12. At first I was like oh it’s colorful and that’s it. But when you get into details especially the lyrics written on the wall there is actually a meaning. Read also the captions written to the guy’s point of view. You know 2NE1’s MVs are actually giving out very intuitive and realistic meaning in a very imaginative form. So better use your creative thinking when watching and understanding their MVs.

  13. i’m not sure about this MV… I WANNA like it but I can’t -.-

  14. splitspindles said:

    This MV? It’s like watching paint dry.
    P.S. Dara is The Goddess.

  15. I’m still confused about the story…so like from the girls’ end, it’s all colorful but then the guys’ part are like monochromatic….the girls are in “boxes” or whatever and the guy is like a peeping tom…binoculars, cameras showing the 4 girls, a square shaped hole on the wall where he can watch them….? Aigooo, any analyzations out there? Lmaoo

  16. Dara is just stunning. All of the girls are beautiful but Minzy is just…wow! I love all of her expressions. So there’s three MVs out, we’re just waiting for CBH Unplugged right?

  17. Hate me or what but honestly i really dont like the mv…it ruined the song…intead of paying that model why not use the money for the video…worst 2ne1 mv… It doesnt mean im a blackjack then i will tolerate/delusional this thing. Im hoping for the 2ne1 positive future. Goodluck. pray for them hard.

  18. I gotta say the guy in there is super hot but the rest of the mv is pretty meh. …

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