2NE1 – Happy M/V (140301 AON)


Source:  crazydog

Comments on: "Video: 140301 Fancam of 2NE1’s “Happy” MV Played at AON Concert" (8)

  1. 2ne1 DARALING said:

    OMG please the MV we want out now..pls PAPA YG!

  2. angel_00007 said:

    seriously dara is so pretty!!
    when she have a weird hairstyle she is cute but when she have a normal hairstyle she is a goddess…….

  3. is this the one they shot in america?

  4. Dara so pretty.
    Lol even though another weird hairstyle but at least they made a normal one in the end.

  5. super excited to see this in HD. Pretty Dara

  6. Hahahaha Dara has Taeyang ‘ s hair from the monster mv!!

  7. thank you! thank you! thank you! oh-dara admins for putting together all the fancam videos and to all the blackjacks who shared their videos….thank u! thank u! thank u!

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