Comments on: "Official: 2NE1 Releases “Falling In Love” Music Video" (111)

  1. nHurs89 said:

    i hope they win 2morow!!! and they gonna go in running man!!!!hohoho~~
    lets enyoys our girls!!! what will be the
    game!!!maybe its about playing or i dont know~~after running man strong heart papa YG please!!!i miss they are i the show specially dee and bom b4 they funny!!!

  2. hi guyz how to help make the 2ne1 falling in love on top?? please give link if possible thank u. our girls deserve to be on the top since they didnt comeback more than a year, i really hope that all blackjack everywhere will go hand and hand to make our girls 2NE1 be on top 1. please lets support 2ne1. let us return all there hardwork to make all there fans happy 🙂

  3. Stefanie said:

    They will be guests on Running Man! Yey!

  4. Dara singing the bridge..its amazing.. Finally she gets that part.. I love it :)) blonde dara very striking

  5. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    OMG! 2NE1 is definitely back! The song and the MV is awesome. 😀 I love it. Sandara is gorgeous. She looks good in blonde. By the way, All four of them looks good. Buy the song on Itunes. 🙂

  6. i forget to post here, with all the commotion, replaying and raping the refresh button of the falling in love MV…ke!ke! i’ve been singing and humming this song in my mind over and over again! so nice to have 2ne1 back! B.E.S.T!

    • dear don’t use the word raping, it’s a serious thing and offensive. btw as it was already mentioned, don’t use the replay button, reload or refresh the page so it will be add to the count of views.

      • i always see the mv and reply by back to the main page and see again. are with that metode still be counted? im addicted to that song

  7. i like how you ladies put 2ne1’s video on top of the page 🙂 luv the song/video 2 thumbs up Blackjack4life

  8. BLACKJACK said:

    People, stop complaining about Dara’s voice. They auto-tuned all of their voices, alright? Almost all music artists do it. Even if you say Dara had “too much auto-tune”, I think that type of techno feel to it, goes with the song along with CL’s rap. Imagine Dara singing that same thing without auto-tune. I can imagine it sounds the same.

    • if people are complaining about them using “auto tune” on dara’s voice tell them politely they are not using “auto tune” this time its a ‘”voice synthesizer” learn the difference. “auto tune” changes your voice(ie t pain) a “voice synthesizer enhances your OWN voice(cl the baddest female) maybe then they will STFU 🙂

      • Sunrise Angel said:

        “voice synthesizer”,etc…human voice better than electronic/computerized noise…..i like listening to their songs in accapella<3

  9. I really love 2 ne1 specially dara.i really have fallen in love with their new single. I love the mv.the thing i dont like is why they style dara that way ? I mean no offense.she’ s pretty and mature why not let her show her goddessness! I hate her stylish sometimes …why cant she be styled like bom or cl ? Even minzy was styled maturely why always experiment onn her with strange style or hair i already know eventough what style she has it is still show her beauty . But i like her normal with full of gorgeousness ( like bom style and definitely we already been showed to that and she’ s sexy). And please more of dara . I love the music not the autotune though on her. She has really a nice angelic voice ,fresh why others cant see that instead of ruining her .no offense just voicing out my opinion.

  10. Somehow, I want them to do an acoustic version of this like the way they did with “I Love You” so that most of the haters will shut up about the auto-tunes. It does not even have to be acoustic, as long as they do a live session like for “Ugly” and “Lonely” where there are no back-up/second voice, just their own voices with the instruments, and maybe some harmonization.

    • dee-dee said:

      Then dara will be the one to play the guitar..! Hows that?hehe

      -go for sancoustic with 2ne1.!go go go..falling in love now playing..

  11. Sandara Stark said:

    Do you know why some people only talk about what’s bad about Dara, 2NE1, the song, the MV, etc.? Because they can’t handle what’s actually good about it! And the good is so good it could never be bad! Haha
    Some of these people have an agenda especially those that are short of patronizing. We can read between the lines kiddos! Haha The sitcom of life-like what Dara has said. Be prepared Daralings they will subtly deluge you with their attempt at black propaganda! (They forget that a Daraling has a mind set not easily dissuaded!) In a way, I’m glad coz they’re doing us a service by giving us a united cause! Haha

    • Sandara Stark said:

      Always ask:
      What is the subtle primary MOTIVATION behind this comment? Is it suggestively sowing INTRIGUE to cause misunderstanding among fans? Is it indirectly UNDERMINING Dara or the other members? Is it PLANTING what at first appears to be harmless IDEAS that could turn negative if misinterpreted?

  12. mitchai3667 said:

    saw fallin in mv earlier..was it just me or dara’s having lesser and lesser parts?? hmmm..all i saw in their was all cl?? y is that?? i mean dara can rap too..watz hap’nin??..nweiz, love the music video though the less dara part is really saddening as a dara fan..c’mon YC!!! give dara more parts!!!hahaha

  13. I can’t wait to see their live perf! No back-up dancers this time right? :DD

  14. IlovemesomeChaera said:

    The majority of comments from YouTube are positive with the mv while the very minority of the comments have negative thing to say. Actually they are just trolls, most of them are fans from other kpop groups that has nothing to do but to pick on a group that just came back from a long hiatus. I love the MV and like many others, I have rewatched it over and over again. It’s that good!

    Side note:

    Tip when rewatching the video: Reload/Refresh the page instead of hitting the replay button so your views will be counted.

  15. nHurs89 said:

    just( ano b 2 naubusan 2tuy ako ng english sakaka lagay nang comment)
    kaya mag korean na lang ako!!!2ne1
    (saranghaeyo)ottoke boy)gorillia i mean sorigila) scream in english.ayum bumalik agad!!!power of the pinay who loves YG family) i’m one of them)guys are second language in pilipines is english) i know noone is asking me but i just want 2 tell this 2 anyone i ‘m not propesional as others bcoz i’m married earlier at age of 16 but its ok i’m happy w/ my life now!!! we are desame in blood type dee# is A and me 2!!! i ‘m happy 4 it !!! i really like 2ne1 w/all my heart!! i want if i have a second baby look like dee#i like her face and smile!!!toinks~~
    overlod me ryt)bye~~figthffing

    just want 2 tell the anyone

    • nHurs89 said:

      u are O2A equals” OA”~~~toinksss~~
      i’m respanding 2 my comment~~~
      up there!!! i think i ryt a 2large comment~~thank u 4 the one who is reading!!! muahhhhhhh!!!

    • What!!!? You married at 16? I don’t mean to offend you but isn’t that a bit too young? Was it even legal?

      • nHurs89 said:

        i’m a muslim guys# there is nothing about the age !!!! if u want 2 married someone aslong as if they as u if u like it or not!!! the disicion is up 2 u!!! but they deosn’t fussing someone if they did’nt like the man!!!4 me its ok even i’m a muslin or not !! bcoz my husband is my bf 4 3 years and till now we are happy 4 what are we!!!total 11 years we are!!! in relationship and we ♥ each othersthat’ s what i’m saying now
        even i did finish my study i accept
        it!!!god want it 4 me!!!

  16. It is impossible to please everyone. But I support 2NE1 because I love ALL their songs bar none. Obviously I am not alone because this latest song is an instant mega hit. Besides the tweets of Tablo,Jay Park etc affirm this is THE Summer song. Haters come out desperately bashing whatever because they know this…and they feel they have to counteract the Tsunami of Love our girls are getting! Tsk…tsk…tsk to these Losers because there’s no stopping a good thing! !

    • nHurs89 said:

      its ok# there is nothing problem about
      that as long that we love are girls!!!
      (just say figthtting and gogogogo)
      ( just ignore the hatters they one of the tsunami bad earthqueck) not 2ne1song)

    • Agree! 🙂

  17. nHurs89 said:

    vote guys in mcoundown!!! they have 2 win#blackjack support are queen!!!
    btw) i saw many bad comment in utube
    just ignore guys~~bcoz of mv and reagge~~~hahahaha~~2ne1 is always attractive in eyes of many people bcoz of there swagger style, fasion,its morethan view!! that why hatters are keep blasing!!! me as black jack i understand them!! why? it,s OA” 4 them 2 keep always putting a bad word!!
    i like snsd bcoz they are Dsame singer but 2ne1 is the real one!!!most overlod while singing they are really suit in anything style of song while the others are just doing a badpost in stage and make cute this not a real singer while doing this things!!!yes# 2ne1 is not pretty as others but they are pretty in my eyes always!!!so good luck 2 all has a bad thinking or what i call a hatters!!
    (this is my opinion bcoz i love YG family )so as a fan i ‘m going 2 protect them from hatters so just sit and read) goodbye ~~muahhhhhhh~~toinks

  18. nHurs89 said:

    minzy the one who is really actracted!!!
    bcoz of her gold chair and killer eyes she look serious while singing!!! w/pink hair she amazing i ♥ her charm in mv it’S freking strong!!!second cl,3rd dee 4th bom,,they all got a great gob bravo~~
    the outfit is expensive specially color white!!! this call the best girl group(toinkss)

  19. I’m sooo upset and sad..there are many people criticizing the song/mv..some of them are blackjacks too..and even their looks especially dara..a lot of people saying her hair doesn’t suit her that the 3 looks good except a daraling i’m sooo hurt..i don’t wanna blame the stylist anymore..(sigh) REAL BLACKJACKS AND DARALINGS pls let’s support the girls whatever their song,outfit,or hairstyle is..I LOVE DARA’S LOOK AND FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG..I’ll just say this to the haters “In the club it’s getting ugly i don’t care can’t nobody stop the fire let them haters sit and stare!”

    • Those people have no taste! Dara is gorgeous all over with blonde hair. They must have only hated the idea of blonde hair because they are actually being racist! I feel bad for those people that complained because they are just limiting themselves from the beauty of the variety of colors.

      • Are those people blind? Dara is so gorgeous, with that blonde hair she looks more goddess like and looks like she just stepped out of a fantasy world. Those that are criticizing are just pretending to be blackjacks because true blackjacks will support all the girls. I hope Dara won’t be affected by these haters, she should just step up her game to show these bashers what she can do.

      • And it has always been Dara’s signature to look different ever since their debut she’s the one with the crazy hair, the crazy outfit because she’s naturally beautiful. Imagine if stylists will really make an effort to make her more beautiful…the result will be catastrophic to all fanboys hearts.

      • AlohaDara said:

        Beyonce said something like this, the more successful and popular and talented you are, the more haters.
        So for me HATERS in their own crazy way are actually acknowleging how AMAZING our Dara Bom CL and Minzy is with their bashing. They are extremely jealous, pathetic people who bash because they can never acheive the greatness that is 2NE!.Just my opinion but it helps me to not be so angry and upset by them. But I too sometimes forget with the crap they write.
        What I dont appreciate is when some of our Daralings and the other girls fandoms talk trash about the other girls. Yes this is Daras site but we are Celebrating 2NE!s comeback of which Dara,Minzy, CL and Bom make up.
        Lets together Celebrate this Comeback of 2NE1, Falling in love with them again and again.

      • i work here in computershop….so while watching their mv…my costumer said..”is that sandara park?” take note: everyone knows sandara park here in the philippines…i have encountered many people in different ages,,,,and they know her,,,(she’s that popular) back to my costumer, I said, yes she is. and do u know what she said? she’s beautiful……
        so who said blonde doesn’t suit her? even a non fan praises her?………so whoever bash……just stare and sit u know….hahha

    • Sunrise Angel said:

      Behind every pretty girl is a pack of ugly haters!!sigh…Hating on Goddess Dee won’t make them less ugly!!!ugh…Goddess Dee FIGHTING!!!!

      • very well said!!! they are just jealous of Dara’s beauty that’s why, no matter how they try they won’t even be an inch close to Dara’s looks. Love the MV, love the song so much ❤

  20. thank u MELON and PIE 4 d website 2 vote ,it makes easier 4 us to vote rather than browsing the website sometimes we can get it.

  21. i want dara in drama

  22. Vote: 08 Jul 2013 ~ 15 Jul 2013 ‘Help Us Decide Who Should be Named Star of the Week!’

  23. Vote for BEST KPOP Female GROUP 2013


  24. I love the song ..I love all of their outfits and hairstyles well except Dara’s..the only thing I like is her white dress hair down outfit…the rest ugh…I mean she doesn’t have much line..again , can they at least gve dara more feminine and flattering clothes! And sexy hairstyles!so pissed! I’d like to see her abs and legs well I prefer to cover her arms area cuz sometimes it looks weird but depends on the clothes they put on her like the white dress her skinny arms doesn’t look bad there..and the touch me over here touch me over there moves…c’mon she can do better than that right! She jus needs to let loose and feel it..if it was minzy there I bet she would be caressing all over herself.. I know ..I know she’s not minzy..but she could have gotten pointers one or two right..jus saying …aigoo..jus hope the live ver would be so much better…her clothes and her hair… Haissst


  26. krysthn said:

    The girls are getting more and more beautiful. They are all goddesses on their own way. But is it just me? I notice that it was only dara who didn’t have contact lens. Just natural color of he eyes but still she’s the prettiest among them!

  27. Tip when rewatching the video: Reload/Refresh the page instead of hitting the replay button so your views will be counted.

  28. The song is nice~ And the girls look gorgeous~~That touch me over here part is refusing to get out of my head

    …But was that auto tune on Dara’s voice really that necessary? I think she has such an wonderful fresh voice and all that auto tune at the end kinda ruined it…

  29. I’m a happy Blackjack and Daraling. 🙂

    Still on the fence over the blonde hair. Everywhere I go it’s 50% love it and 50% hate it. I think it’s the styling that is the problem. Or the hue. Maybe make it a little ash blonde so it won’t wash out with D’s porcelain white skin or don’t make her wear white or silver (which they made her wear WTH).

    • Oops… I meant I love the white dress, but the top thing with the pants could’ve been better.

  30. can anyone tell me how to vote for their songs to some charts in korea? or just gimme links please ^_^

  31. I really like this sing and think its really catchy but I don’t understand why they auto tune Dara’s voice in the end bit! Other than that I’m very please!!

  32. I really love their smiles in this m/v,its refreshing! And they really look happy 🙂 very light & catchy song and im really enjoying the girly -flirty feel of it! Love it!

  33. Not even a day and it’s 1 million views already..yeaah!! That’s 2ne1:)

  34. Is it jz me or what ….I really don’t like that silver shirt she’s wearing…she looks so flat there..sorry..but she and minzy should trade clothes there ..jus a thought..hehe..I hope the stylists would give her more flattering clothes..but hands down on the white dress with her hair down is so so so much better..I can’t wait for the live ver..

  35. alili21 said:

    I stayed up all night to hear this and I’m not disappointed. And listened to it for at least 20 times. Its refreshing and very summery! 🙂 2NE1 all-kill.

  36. I don’t like this songs, especially to Dara’s part I fell like it is not fair. OR can I say I want to see more part of Dara!!! And this is DAra site.. I want only Dara, with her member is bonus only!! I don’t know? that what i feel. it is not fair….sorry!!

    • lol…. 2ne1 is not dara and the back up, its 2ne1 as a whole.. this might be a dara site but its 2ne1 music video…..i think the division of lines is perfect… they all fit…dara got all the bridge part for herself…not to mention its the most catchy part…..and gahhhh did you see her goddess beauty??? the only part im not satisfied with is the autotuned on daras voice… because i’de be worried as hell on her live performance…

      • Yes, that is what I mean, the auto tuned. I just feel like it is not her voice, like it is not Dara. Really I am not happy. I was expecting for years passed maybe she is improving specially to her talent. I dnt know…I am just not satisfied or maybe I was just expecting too much. because of the auto tuned, I feel like Dara is not improving which I know it is not true :(. I know it’s not true.

        • Yes Dara’s beauty still amazing. Maybe in Live, I will hope that I can hear her voice. saranghe

    • Yeah , i HATE auto-tune ,Dara’s voice in this song reminds me of Can’t Nobody !!! Even Dara’s voice may not strong enough, BUT it doesn’t mean that they have to auto-tune Dara’s voice !!! In fact , it just will make the voice of Dara sounds weird & awful == Then , those bitchy haters will say : Dara can’t sing , blah,blah,blah ..

      • Sunrise Angel said:

        @Fair. U make a good poit!!I dont get why they keep autotuning her voice, it sounds better without it (Go Away, I Dont Care, Pretty Boy,In The Club,etc)!!! Autotune simply kills the character of a singer!! The human voice is beautiful. I would much rather hear human voice than hear electronic noise. Her sweet voice are being polluted by outotune. Its a shame YG let them do it!!!ugh. Hey YG, Please stop using autotune!!!Less is more!!!ugh
        P.s:Those haters should stop stalking Dee on the net!!!Pathetic haters…yuck

  37. More than perfect…. Awesome.. Love the uniqueness side of them… We shud not always expect the type of music always same as theyre doing before , its nice to create , try and explore.. Actually they can carry what ever they do. 🙂

  38. i really love the song,the choreo it’s so addicting so i keep on repeating it so many times now. dara proves here that she’s not only pretty but she’s also talented she can full what ever genre of the song given to her she really improved alot when i say a lot it means a lot…dara congrats you did a great job we will always keeep falling inlove with you guys….daebak song to the queens of kpop….

  39. nHurs89 said:

    dee#white dress is really pretty 2 her.i hope she always wear like this in special event~~like redcarpet< and put style
    in her 4head like in mv~~~anything color of dress,,, i think she will be nice~~
    and her killers heels!!!the one who is actor in mv,,he was in cromheart party and a pick w/ gd and taeyang and others 2ne1 is there 2 i think maybe they close w/the girls@!

  40. The song is sooooo catchy! Considering the kpop releases recently, falling in love is definitely a breath of fresh air. I really like it. ❤

    2ne1, jjang!

    Dee is becoming more and more like a true Greece goddess.

    Btw, the two models are so HAWT. Hong Jong Hyun has an eerie resemblance with Shun Oguri. IMO. I love the song, 2ne1, the mv, and the models. I can't help but fall in love with 'falling in love'. This song deserves an all-kill. BJs, hwaiting!

  41. nHurs89 said:

    dee# is the most like egypian girl or indian!!! i love her outfit the one whitecolor~~and pretty face,cute,
    the gold car is reallycool.just imagine
    when they drive it public will be OMG
    CL rap is amazing like her style of swagger girl,erominzy suit in pink color hair and her belly is like a ocean,bom eyes is really pretty 2….

  42. Love the song, of course Dara has less parts but OMG when she’s doing her parts oooohmmmy fanboys all over will drool, she’s the perfect visual in this MV I can’t stop looking at her.

  43. 21blackjack said:

    Love it!!<3 ❤ already download it 😀 go 2NE1!!~Fighting

  44. cyndikrystelle said:

    Love the beat to bits!!! I’m proud of our girls! They all look stunning! I’m feeling the summer, falling in love with the heat!~ ( ´ ▽ ` )~☀ ♠ProudBlackjack♠

  45. keep repeating it much

  46. darongg said:

    i like every and each single part of the mv and the song aswell
    its super flawless <33333333333333333

  47. darongg said:

    the queens are finelly back <3333333333333

    CL queen of RAPPING<3
    DARA queen of BEAUTY<3
    BOM queen of SINGING<3
    MINZY queen of DANCING<3

    this summer will be the best summer with that awesome fesh gorgeous song

  48. daisang said:

    falling in love, falling in love, .. eh eh eh.. touch me over here, touch me over there…waahhhh!!!!! this is an awesome song! it’s daebak !

  49. Their smile is killing me *faints! I need a stretcher!

    • and yeah I really like their song. It’s good and I can see tons of skin/abs out there. I’m really happy XD

  50. myles07 said:

    I FREAKING LOVE THE SONG!!! It is so catchy!!! The FIRST TIME I heard it I already fell in love with it. Also love the MV, I wish they will release a DANCE version of the song cause I really want to see the gurls all dancing to this song. Men I cannot wait for their performance in Inkigayo.

  51. smiling from ear to ear. finally, they’re back with fresh and catchy song. I like the song and the mv is really cool and summery. Dara’s abs!! I cannot!! I love her confidence in this video, her dance moves is so sexxxyyy esp. that touch me over here, touch me over there part, she’s such a tease.

  52. love them!!!guys how to vote in them mnet,,,since when i went to their website it was dns failure,,,and since i can’t download their song in iTunes because kpop are not available in emirati iTunes,,,any idea how can i support them?plzzzzzz

  53. love 2ne1 , BUT this song still not the BEST ><

    • Hope the coming new songs will be better~ Dara , again , as usual the less part , auto-tuned voice 😦 I miss the voice of Dara in ‘ Pretty Boy ‘ ><

      • nicki minaj much?eww said:

        AGREED 100%!!!Those music director will burn in hell!!!!i hate this song!!ugh
        At least Goddess Dee is not strutting around onstage without pants or half naked like bitch<33and She's still sexy without acting like a stripper<33but i dont like those fruity male models….. 2NE1 + summer music + brazzilian male models (Francisco Lachowski/Alex cunha)= that would be interesting!!!

  54. frialou said:

    finally its here,, and they never disappoint us.. i love how dara dance in this mv.. no more hesitation and she dance full of sexiness.. still cant believe,, thank you for coming back.. blackjacks deserves this..

  55. This song is so good!! Our girls already reach No.1 on Mnet,Melon,Naver,…:))

  56. Mayounaisse said:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Daebak! I’m so inlove with this song! Yeassss! My BlackJack Heart!!

  57. Thank God it’s not crappy like their poster! I like how lively the song and MV is.^^
    SEXY Bom, SEXY CL, SEXY Minzy … then there’s Dara so cute and pretty…lols!
    YG should tie Dara on a chair and make her watch lots of porn or something, better yet
    get her a boyfriend! They need to stimulate and bring out the sexiness in her.^__^

    • true…i can see her hesitating in the parts where they don’t have to choreo…she needs to just feel the music and just dance to the beat..i can see Bom let loose in this mv…i hope dara is next..
      dara don’t hesitate! fighting!

    • wahahahaha i like that idea!!!~

    • Sunrise Angel said:

      watch a lot of porn??WTH!!….
      YG keeps copying american/british singers!!2ne1 looks like the korean version of Spice girls!!Dee(cute/baby spice&tomboy/sporty spice)….It’s so obvious, that YG totally controlled Dee, he want her to be a cute/tomboy girl all the time!!!ugh…

  58. loveloveloveloevLOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOEV!!!!!!!!!

  59. Oh God I’m freaking love it Its really good Daebak I like the medley the rhythm its very catchy…

  60. daisang said:

    wow! thank you.. i’ve waited for this.. it’s worth it

  61. I LOVE IT!! I was taken back at first because I thought the song would be a little on the slow side–and some of the beach parts seemed rushed. But it got better and better. Dara’s parts OMG! She sounds sooo great I can’t wait to see her sing live. The parts w/ the boys were cute too. I’m obsessed hehe. <33

  62. wooooow, i love their song and the MV,They looked like they r really happy performing together again,their smiles r so super touching that i’m smiling with them 2 while enjoying the video ,they all hot and not 2 forget the guys r very hot too.

  63. Oh my god.i can’t breath again.haha

  64. I feel like, it’s a dream now

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