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Twitter: Ben Misses his “Little Sister” Dara ~ Sweet Darong Replies, “I Miss My Ben Oppa!”

These two are always so sweet to each other. XD Ben can be a little rough in his tweets, but he’s always so cute and sweet with Dara.. ^^



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Twitter: Ben Baller Holds his Own Q&A ~ Answers Questions Regarding “Amazing” Dara!

Ooohhh, awesomeeeee! Ben answering questions about our Dara! XD He held a Q&A while waiting for his plane earlier.. ^_^ So basically, Peter Chun introduced him to Dara, and that he thinks she’s amazing! ^^ They have a lot of pictures together and would like to franchise Jollibee in Seoul when they have time. ^_^







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Twitter: Dara Shares Ben Baller’s Adorable Belated Birthday Gift for her ~ Jollibee Stuffed Toy!

Dara is so cute, getting excited over this adorable Jollibee toy! ❤ And it was thoughtful of Ben to give her this too, meaning that he knows her enough to know how much she loves Jollibee. XD But wow, birthday gift? From November of last year? ^^ BUT it’s the thought that counts, and I find this super endearing. XD

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Twitter: Ben Baller Shares that 2NE1 Shot a Music Video ~ “Crazy With All My YG Fam!”

Ooohhh, I wonder what music video the shoot was for? ^_^ Cannot wait for this! ❤




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Twitter: Ben Tweets Dara a Cute, Phail Tagalog Message ~ Dara Replies, “I didn’t Understand, but Thank You!”

This is just so cute! XDDD Ben’s Tagalog phail is cute, and I love how he made an effort to speak to Dara in Tagalog. ^_^ Ben’s wife is Filipina (I’m not sure if full or half though) and maybe he and Dara got to talking about her. ❤ And how cute is Dara?! Saying she didn’t understand, but thankful anyway! XD


BEN: Good afternoon, little sis! Are you ready for today?

DARA: Good afternoon Kuya Ben! I didn’t understand hehe But thanks for the Tagalog message 🙂

BEN: Lol, okay, okay. Sorry! My wife is asleep. Had to use translate.


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Video: Ben Baller Talks About Justin Bieber Kissing Sandara Park at DFLA

DFLA – Ballin with Ben Baller

Check out Danny and Parker talking about the JB photo kissing Dara at the cheek around 6:22 while Ben Baller tells us the story behind that weibo pic he posted around 19:25 of the video.


Source: Mnet America

Twitter: Fresh Vocal Dara (@krungy21) Invites Ben Baller To Watch 2NE1 World Tour ~ “You Should Come And Watch Our Show!!! :)”

dara ben convo



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Twitter: Ben Baller Greets Dara a Merry Christmas ~ “God Bless You And Your Family! 7+7+7”

Celebrate friendship! ^_^




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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) To Ben Baller ~ “What Is Your Xmas Gift For Me? Is It Jollibee? ^0^”




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Twitter: Ben Baller’s Tweets About Dara and Justin Bieber

This was a few days ago and we forgot to post this up! Sorry!

Ben Baller’s tweets are about Dara as well as the photo of Justin kissing Dara on her cheeks.


Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 5.20.40 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-14 at 5.20.02 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-14 at 5.19.33 PM

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