Source: @krungy21 + @benballer

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) To Ben Baller ~ “What Is Your Xmas Gift For Me? Is It Jollibee? ^0^”" (5)

  1. @Cheska , That’s what I’m thinking too! dang that Jolibee song really does get stuck in your head.

  2. I don’t think Ben’s a good person at all, but I’m glad Dara is interacting with more people on twitter! I know celebs have to stay connected and network for future projects, but he just seems like a horrible influence. On top of being a superstar, Dara is a wise girl and I know she’ll surround herself with good people.

    • Why do you think he’s a bad person? I don’t know much of his history, but I do follow his instagram and I do know that he’s a good dad and his son is adorable. I think it’s cute how a tough looking guy like Ben seems cute whenever he converse with Dara. I think their friendship is cute despite knowing each other recently.

  3. The way the talked it looks like they just meet last time when Ben came visit Korea. I think their friendship happen long time ago.

  4. i know what ben oppa’s gift for dara its a dancing jollibee.hahaha…cute dara and ben love love to know that they’re close to each other now…

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