DFLA – Ballin with Ben Baller

Check out Danny and Parker talking about the JB photo kissing Dara at the cheek around 6:22 while Ben Baller tells us the story behind that weibo pic he posted around 19:25 of the video.


Source: Mnet America

Comments on: "Video: Ben Baller Talks About Justin Bieber Kissing Sandara Park at DFLA" (3)

  1. i understand how fans love her.. but i have to agree with Danny Oppa that sometimes fans are over reacting xD it was just a kiss on the “CHEEK” and as far as we all know Dara is already 29 and she knows what she was doing.. geez..

    • Daralings are fine about the kiss tbh. We are worried about how Justin’s fans will react. They can be crazy and hostile to the point of verbally attacking the person involved, which in this case, was Dara. Of course we don’t like Dara to be the receiving end of their jealous outrage. It was an innocent kiss but for some JB’s fans, it’s unacceptable.

  2. AlohaDara said:

    this is great to clear up any misunderstanding for Daralings. I remember at the time, a lot of Justins fans wanted to know who the young girl he kissed was. Dara our forever vampire.

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