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Twitter: Ben Baller Shares that 2NE1 Shot a Music Video ~ “Crazy With All My YG Fam!”

Ooohhh, I wonder what music video the shoot was for? ^_^ Cannot wait for this! ❤




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Instagram: Dara Shares a Cute Behind-The-Scenes Photo During “Happy” MV Shooting

Awwww, too cute! Dara remains pretty even in a weird hairstyle and funky clothes! ^^




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Twitter: Dara Uploads a Haunting, Sad Behind-The-Scene Picture of “Come Back Home” MV

So so so beautiful.. T_T So sad and haunting and lonely.. Her emotions really come out, even through a picture! ❤



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Facebook: Nikon Imaging Korea Asks – “Which Nikon Camera Model was Sandara Park Holding?”

Pretty, pretty, pretttyyyy Dara! I love this particular shot of hers! I think this is an still cut, and not just an SC from the MV? ^_^



The return of 2NE1, who swept away the music charts at the same time they released their new single!

Very happy to see a Nikon camera caught in 2NE1’s music video for their new song, “Falling In Love!” Awesome and honored to be part of 2NE1’s comeback~ ㅎㅎ

[EVENT] This is a comeback quiz event!

Revealing its own unique charm as seen in “Falling In Love” music video, what type of Nikon camera was featured? Tell the exact model in 10 minutes and get a chance to win ice cream and gift certificates, via lottery!


Source: Nikon Imaging Korea Facebook

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Twitter/Caps: Roberto Cavalli Tweets About 2NE1’s Fashion (Shows Off Dara’s Clothes)

Designer Roberto Cavalli tweets about 2NE1’s fashion in “I Love You” music video. In his tweets, he shows off 2NE1’s music video as well as the clothes that Dara wore in said video. ^_^ Who could blame him? Dara did so much justice to his clothes!


Screencaps: Gorgeous Dara from “I Love You” MV Making (BTS)


Video: 2NE1 “I Love You” MV Making (BTS)

Check out behind the scenes footage of 2NE1’s “I Love You” MV! The girls are looking gorgeous! How beautiful does Dara look with what pink hair? I hope she performs live with that hair! I absolutely love it!

Dara: 2NE1 will be singing a love song for the 1st time. Were you shocked? We were shocked too! Hate you then suddenly I love you.

If it gets deleted, you guys can go to this link:

Source: AsianDreamAudio2@YouTube

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls

Videos: 2NE1 “I Love You” MV Reaction Videos

Whenever a new music video comes out, I really like to scour YouTube for fan reaction videos! They are all so entertaining and I especially love it when they go crazy over Dara! ^^ For “I Love You” MV, here are some of my favorite videos!


Video/Audio: 2NE1 – “I Love You” MV Teaser and Full Song


I think I just crashed and burned! Here we are waiting for the full MV to be released and YG just released a teaser!!! I think I am going to die! WE HAVE BEEN TROLLED! ^_^

Nevertheless! The teaser looks AMAZING! I’m pretty sure the full MV will look super awesome too!


She is gorgeous!

To be honest, we are very satisfied with the song! In fact, we love it. I know a few are still sad about the line distribution, but we aren’t. We don’t expect Dara to get the most lines nor we do expect her to get a lot. Of course, we would have been happier if she got more. However, we are satisfied and happy. Dara has enough and we can appreciate that. ^_^


Please buy the song legally! You can download it via SORIBADA and/or iTUNES!


Screencaps: Dara Cuts From Group Scenes in “Scream” PV!

From gorgeous ice queen to dorky hip-hop gangsta! Dara just gave off so many looks in this MV! It’s so adorable! Keke! ^^

I am so sorry guys! I have to out for band practice, but I’ll upload more when I get back! ❤


Source: SCREAM MV Via @spice_candy

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