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Photos: New Gorgeous 2NE1 Pics From YG Family App

Oooh! Super gorgeous pics from YG Fam App! <333

Dara with her Chun-Li hair! Cutest!!! ^^

More pictures of the girls after the cut!


Audio: 2NE1’s COLLECTION Album

Hey guys! Check out 2NE1’s COLLECTION Album! Despite this, please don’t forget to buy their music legally aight? You can buy it from YesAsia.


Me2day: Dara Updates with 2NE1’s SCREAM and COLLECTION Albums

Ohh 2ne1’s album has been released today and it seems that SCREAM is doing good in the Chart..

Go go go 2ne1!!!

투애니원 일본앨범 컬렉션 득템!!! +.+오늘 발매됐어요~!!! 신곡 스크림!과 우리 색갈로 다시 불러본 Like a virgin!글구 퉤니원의 히트곡^^;들의 일본어버젼!디비디엔 뮤비 메이킹,녹음실,인터뷰~ 그리구 멤버들의 필리핀 나들이 영상까지~!^.^빨리봐야징!! 2시간전

 I received Collection which is 2NE1’s Japanese album!!!+.+ It was released today~!!! Our new song, Scream! and Like a virgin which we sang with our own color! and 2NE1’s hit songs^^; Japanese version! On the DVD, you can watch our MV making, recording room, each member’s interview and also our picnic in the Philipines~!^.^ I’m gonna watch it now!!

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translated by: @lucywinslet

Photo: COLLECTION, Scream and Alive Albums (Japan)

I seriously can’t wait to get my copy!

Credit: lilsummer@ameblo + @12akane02

Video: H.I.S. Travel Agency’s CM Features 2NE1’s “SCREAM” (15 secs.)

Credit: WeLoveDara

Videos: 2NE1’s Awesome Debut Performance Of SCREAM On RecoHits + Talk and Game Portion!

Okay I think I fell in love with the song even more seeing them perform it! The choreography is awesome! And the girls did so so so well! I can’t wait for them to perform this song in full! ^_^

SCREAM First Performance On Japan’s RecoHits

And their fun and adorable interview/talk and game portion! ^^ I haven’t watched the full vid yet, so I’ll edit this after I do. Keke! XDDD 

2NE1 RecoHits Talk And Game Segment


Photos: 120313 Caps Of 2NE1’s Guesting On NihonTV’s RecoHits!

Oh my gosh! Can Dara get even more adorable?! Her hair is so so so cute! ^_^ And the outfit is growing on me. Haha! ^^ And her perf on SCREAM and her expressions during the interview and game are epic! ❤

More adorable and fun group caps after the cut! ^^


Screencaps: Dara Cuts From Group Scenes in “Scream” PV!

From gorgeous ice queen to dorky hip-hop gangsta! Dara just gave off so many looks in this MV! It’s so adorable! Keke! ^^

I am so sorry guys! I have to out for band practice, but I’ll upload more when I get back! ❤


Source: SCREAM MV Via @spice_candy

Edited and re-uploaded by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara

Please do not edit the credit lines when taking out. ^^

Photos: Screencaps of Dara’s Solo Shots in “SCREAM” MV

OMFG! Dara in bangs! So so so gorgeous baby girl! And I love her rosy cheeks, minimal make-up, outfit, bunned-up hair! I love her period! Keke! Such a goddess, Dara is! ❤

More caps of Sonic-haired Dara and Scream Dara after the cut! ^^


News: 2NE1 With FPM, Remakes A Popular Song From Madonna.. To Be Released On The 28th

2NE1 With FPM, Remakes A Popular Song From Madonna.. To Be Released On The 28th

4-member group 2NE1 would be having a remake of one of popstar Madonna‘s famous songs.

On the 28th, 2NE1 would be doing activities in Japan again as they would be releasing their first full Japanese album “Collection.” In this album, 2NE1 would also be releasing their remake of Madonna’s hit song, “Like A Virgin,” which they have already recorded.

2NE1‘s “Like A Virgin” is a joint project with Japanese electronic global group, “Fantastic Plastic Machine.” 2NE1 is expected to give the song a stylish and different atmosphere, as the group is quite different from the original artist, Madonna.

The song will be used as a theme song for a Japanese beverage CF. In addition, the new full album would also contrain 2NE1’s new title track “SCREAM” as well as other hit songs like “Love Is Ouch,” “Fire,” and “I Don’t Care.”

On the other hand, 2NE1‘s recently released album jacket photos has gained a lot of attention from fans, raising up more expectations. In the photos revealed to the public, the members showed off a sexy and feminine look, which added more to their charismatic image, presenting a different image to their previous concepts.

As the album release draws nearer, 2NE1 is expected to go full out on activities, including a set of rigid schedules in Japan. On the upcoming 31st, 2NE1 along with labelmate, group Big Bang, are expected to perform on stage for Spring Grove Festival, Japan’s largest R&B and hip-hop festival.

Spring Groove marks the fifth anniversary this year, featuring global stars as well as Japanese top musicians. 2NE1 is planning to display a joint performance with LMFAO, leading the global craze for shuffle dance, and electronic DJ David Guetta.


Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara