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Fancams: 120919 2NE1 at Semyung University Festival

Fire (Dara Focused)

Talk (Dara Focused)

Can’t Nobody (Dara Focused)

Click the link below for group-focused fancams!


Audio: 2NE1’s COLLECTION Album

Hey guys! Check out 2NE1’s COLLECTION Album! Despite this, please don’t forget to buy their music legally aight? You can buy it from YesAsia.


Video: 2NE1 Performs Go Away And IATB At Ontama Festival 2012

This was held some time in January, but was only broadcasted last night. ^^ Enjoy! I love that Dara has a smile on her face each and every time the camera passes her. ^^ And the fanchants during IATB were seriously amazing!


Updated with HD version! Video: Unofficial Go Away Japanese Version PV

OKay you guys, this isn’t the official vid yet, but it’s. Cannot wait for the official release though! The vid is…different from the other 2ne1 vids. Keke! It’s a bit more colorful than their usual vids. But I kinda like it since it gives off a different vibe, ^^ AND! Love love love Dara’s cuteness seriously!


What’s your fave part of the vid? Tell us in the comments section below! ^^

Audio: ACCA of ALL of Dara’s Parts

This is such a treat for all of us!

Here is the ACCA of all of Dara’s parts from 2NE1’s To Anyone Album. We would like to give a special thank you to DCpinkMIC for sharing all of these with us.






And if that isn’t enough of a treat, DCpinkMIC shared a ACCA Compilation of all of Dara’s parts!!!


I don’t know about you guys but I am now a very very very happy fangirl! ❤


Audio: 2NE1’s Go Away, Japanese Version! *gasp*

Okay, okay, so it’s not really the song, more like you can hear the song in the Background. But if you tune out the voices of the anchorwomen (like how you tune out your teachers in class, don’t even deny doing it, we all have some point in our lives HA!), you can hear them!


Credits: @YT

One thing is for sure, our goddess Dara pwned this one! Did you hear her? She sounds so great, and this isn’t even my bias speaking! 1:20 to 1:28 is absolute perfection!!! ❤

Me2day: Go Away! Eh eh eh eh! Go Away! Eh eh eh eh!

고! 고어웨이~! 에에에에! 고어웨이~! 에에에에! go away ~! eh eh eh eh!!! 리허설 고고고~! 홧팅! ^.^

Credit: Dara’s Me2Day

[TRANS] Go! Go Away~! Eh eh eh eh! Go Away! Eh eh eh eh!

Go away~! Eh eh eh eh!!! Rehearsal, go go go~! Fighting! ^.^


Translated by: knucklepink@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Dara sings dances to Go Away and is now ready for rehearsals! ❤

Music Station is today!!! Are we all excited? I wonder how the stylists are going to style Dara today?

Crazy? Chic? Funky? Rocker? Fun? Adorable? Colorful?

We all have to wait and see! ❤

Video: 2NE1「Go Away」MV Making Film!

Credit: gilbakk1110 @Youtube

thanks bianca for the tip<3