고! 고어웨이~! 에에에에! 고어웨이~! 에에에에! go away ~! eh eh eh eh!!! 리허설 고고고~! 홧팅! ^.^

Credit: Dara’s Me2Day

[TRANS] Go! Go Away~! Eh eh eh eh! Go Away! Eh eh eh eh!

Go away~! Eh eh eh eh!!! Rehearsal, go go go~! Fighting! ^.^


Translated by: knucklepink@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Dara sings dances to Go Away and is now ready for rehearsals! ❤

Music Station is today!!! Are we all excited? I wonder how the stylists are going to style Dara today?

Crazy? Chic? Funky? Rocker? Fun? Adorable? Colorful?

We all have to wait and see! ❤

Comments on: "Me2day: Go Away! Eh eh eh eh! Go Away! Eh eh eh eh!" (32)

  1. justsomerandomguy said:

    here’s Dara me2 update:

    ㅠㅠ 우리는 괜찬아요. TRANS: ㅠㅠ We are okay.

  2. yesterday..I was really worried for 2NE1 cause the warning was news earlier..huhuhuhu…but they didn’t fly back to koreaT_T ..i’m really worried…I hope their okT_T

  3. justsomerandomguy said:

    i just hope that 2NE1 will be safe! and everyone there in japan too! tsunami is really granted… i guess as what a song said, “be careful what you wish for coz you just might get it…”

    just lightening up the situation… still praying that everyone will be all right…

  4. DARA just updated her me2day without picture. She said they are safe!

    • really o.0 ..she did???? G’OO’D to hear..coz till now what i saw in the news is terrifying -.-…glad they r okie…calamity GO AWAY! eh eh eh eh! GO AWAY!!! eh eh eh eh…

      • divz2ne1 said:

        you’re right…everybody, “calamity GO AWAY! eh eh eh eh! GO AWAY!!! eh eh eh eh…”…

  5. Let’s pray for everyone in Japan. I’m watching CNN and it’s terrifying. Darayah and 2ne1 pls be safe..

  6. Chinita24 said:

    Please I’m praying for 2NE1 and my bestfriend’s safety she’s also in Japan… Please Dara update us that you guys are ok

    • Chinita24 said:

      Why it was true before 2NE1 came to Japan Fans and Media were saying that They’re going to bring Tsunami to the Music Market but why is it came REAL TSUNAMI 😦

  7. Dara ra rah! said:

    hehe she looks like a japanese already.

  8. pls keep safe huhuhuhuhuh

  9. i’m also worried….darayah pls update us :{ GOD pls protect our 2ne1 Pray for jpeepz and Jbj’s T.T…

  10. omo..another earthquake just now..what’s happening in japan! hope the next aftershocks won’t be that high… pls. dara update us that you are ok..now i wish they’re back in korea..forget japan debut! go back now!!


  12. omg.. the earthquake! now im worried they might not perform tonight bcoz of that.. its felt even in tokyo..they’re in tokyo ryt? hope everyone is ok. especially Dara.. she hates this types of calamities.. aish..

  13. Nice pic Darayah!! I hope you and 2NE1 are okay because I went to msn.com and there’s an 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Japan. And I even posted in previous topic how 2NE1 is causing major earthquake in Japan for their debut because of their popularity (aishh…).

  14. out of TOPIC :(…japan hits 8.8 magnitude accrdng to CNN..HOPE 2NE1 and GODdess D is doin fINe “.)//

    • [[YangYang]] said:

      yes im watching CNN too.. pls be safe 2ne1!!! Dara-yah im worried T_T pls go back to Korea if its possible.. im really worried T_T its actually magnitude 8.9!!!T_T

  15. [[YangYang]] said:

    omeeghad pls!!! pls God bless 2ne1 and all the people in Japan!! they were heat by a Tsunami 8.8!!TT

  16. OMG!!!so excited for the perf tonight…Hope they will give us a Jjang!!DAEBAK!!! one…WAy to Go BABY D!!!!

  17. OMG!!!so excited for the perf tonight…Hope they will give us a Jjang!!DAEBAK!!! one…WAt to Go BABY D!!!!

  18. OMO.,im really worried now for the girls., there’s tsunami alert now in japan.

    praying for japan and the girls safety now.,


  20. She is such a tease!! Can’t wait for their performance!!

  21. Omo, she’s so cute! I’m more curious on how they’re going to style her hair! 🙂

  22. Peachymomo said:

    dara waaahhh bigbang 6th member…. she’s wearing the belt of BB for Tonight perf

  23. beautiful!..

  24. She really 27 years old? (”,)

    • ikr? dee is like in a reverse manner of aging..i think aging is not in her vocabulary, ayt? haha

      so cuteeeee!! ^.^

  25. Omg!!!! 🙂

  26. Franzieme said:

    when i saw her picture I was like aaah so cuuuute! :3
    I can’t wait for their performance^^

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