Okay I think I fell in love with the song even more seeing them perform it! The choreography is awesome! And the girls did so so so well! I can’t wait for them to perform this song in full! ^_^

SCREAM First Performance On Japan’s RecoHits

And their fun and adorable interview/talk and game portion! ^^ I haven’t watched the full vid yet, so I’ll edit this after I do. Keke! XDDD 

2NE1 RecoHits Talk And Game Segment


Comments on: "Videos: 2NE1’s Awesome Debut Performance Of SCREAM On RecoHits + Talk and Game Portion!" (3)

  1. They did an amazing job in such a small space and such a small time!:)) I love Dara’s eyes in the performance……you can see how focused she is……I also love the choreography<3

  2. I KNEW IT!! hahah ^.^ I knew i’ll love this song when they perform this…just like with Let’s Go Party…that song & this one sounds…bland for a 2ne1 song but when they performed it live…wow!! 2NE1 never ever dissapoints!! Cute Cute Dara!! She’s doing some swag move but her cute hair & her cute self distracted me…hahah!! I.WANT.A.FULL.PERFORMANCE!!!

    arghh….I want to watch the games but I need to go now…argh!! I’ll watch it later ^.^

  3. I just love Dara’s part in the song and the “I fell in love…” part too.
    What was the drink that CL drank?

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