Ohh 2ne1’s album has been released today and it seems that SCREAM is doing good in the Chart..

Go go go 2ne1!!!

투애니원 일본앨범 컬렉션 득템!!! +.+오늘 발매됐어요~!!! 신곡 스크림!과 우리 색갈로 다시 불러본 Like a virgin!글구 퉤니원의 히트곡^^;들의 일본어버젼!디비디엔 뮤비 메이킹,녹음실,인터뷰~ 그리구 멤버들의 필리핀 나들이 영상까지~!^.^빨리봐야징!! 2시간전

 I received Collection which is 2NE1’s Japanese album!!!+.+ It was released today~!!! Our new song, Scream! and Like a virgin which we sang with our own color! and 2NE1’s hit songs^^; Japanese version! On the DVD, you can watch our MV making, recording room, each member’s interview and also our picnic in the Philipines~!^.^ I’m gonna watch it now!!

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translated by: @lucywinslet

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