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Audio: FINALLY! Ultrabook Project: Will.I.Am Featuring 2NE1 – Take The World On

Wow, after a year, Intel has finally released 2NE1’s song with Will.I.Am for the Korea leg of the “Ultrabook Project” ~! I am so happy to hear a relatively new song from 2NE1! T_T I miss the girls so much! Loving the club beat for this song too! Weeee! My girls, my girls, how I have missed you! T_T

Ultrabook Project: Will.I.Am Featuring 2NE1 – Take The World On

Credits: Intel Korea

If you want to download the MP3 file, it’s HERE => Take The World On MP3 download

Photo: Intel Korea Updates Their Cover Photo With Serious 2NE1

LMAO, what are they doing? XD Circling the Ultrabook and looking at it like it’s going to explode or something, haha! Cute 2NE1! XD



Source: Intel Korea Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: 2NE1 on Intel Korea’s Facebook Cover Photo

Source: Intel Korea’s Facebook

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Press Photos: 120922 2NE1 at “The Creators Project 2012 in Seoul”


Photo: Cute 2NE1 for The Creators Project Advertisement

My pretty and cute 2NE1! Can’t wait for them to endorse something new again so we’d get new cute pics. ^^


Source: Intel Korea Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Article: 2NE1 Featured on Stylenoir Magazine

The power of 2NE1; Noir special

The power of 2NE1; Noir specialThere is no doubt it has been an insane week since our last 2NE1 article. Our It Girls of the 21st Century article created so much interest 2NE1 nearly crashed Stylenoir’s servers, increased our South Korean readership by 81% and even became one of our top twenty read about features in the history of the magazine.

If anything is testament to 2NE1′s unstoppable power it’s that. We’re overwhelmed by the support of the Blackjacks, yes, SeoulBeats may have written “Stylenoir x 2NE1 a match made in heaven” but maybe it should be “Blackjacks and Stylenoir” after all we do share the same unbeatable, unfaltering colour.

We have been making some big claims, we have been rolling deep, but to be honest as one commenter stated “When have 2NE1 ever not stood up to the hype”. Such a correct and true statement, hype gets these girls heard, then they back it up with jaw dropping, mind blowing substance.

For that reason Stylenoir Magazine and I personally will continue to give unprecedented support to the 2NE1 girls, rain or shine for a very long time to come.

We expect a fair few of you will remember the campaign that 2NE1 created for Intel in all black. As a testament to the continuing relationship between Blackjacks and Stylenoir we thought we’d publish them. The noir aesthetic is something we strive to push and here the girls completely nailed it. Although our favourite has to be both CL’s and Dara’s looks, those black leather gloves just make the outfit.


Source: Stylenoir Magazine
Re-posted by: OhDara

Photos: 2NE1 for Intel Korea

More cute and quirky photos of 2NE1 for Intel Korea

Credit: @sjaikb

Photo: Intel Korea Uploads Animal Cartoon Versions Of 2NE1 For Be Mine! ^^

This is super duper cute! ^_^ Can you guess which 2NE1 member is which? ^^ The outfits should be a dead giveaway though since they have the same as the girls are wearing for the blue IATB outfits. Kekeke! ^^

Minzy is a black cat, Dara is a pink rabbit (OMG how adorable are the ears and her buck teeth?! XD), Bom is a panda bear (I am guessing because of the black ears and arm. XD) and CL is a red bird! ^^


Source: Intel Korea Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Intel Korea Updates A Cute Photo Of Fisherman Dara! ^^

Cute Dara looks like she’s about to go fishing! Kekeke! ^^ Such a cute Dara picture with her quirky hair, bright smile, colorful outfit, and glowing skin! ^^v

[FB Update Tras] Everybody, Monday has returned once again ~ the weekend always feels so short, how did you spend it? 1) Travel 2) Date 3) Met up with friends 4) Spent alone time 5) Others


Source: Intel Korea Facebook

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara