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Photo: Intel Korea Uploads Animal Cartoon Versions Of 2NE1 For Be Mine! ^^

This is super duper cute! ^_^ Can you guess which 2NE1 member is which? ^^ The outfits should be a dead giveaway though since they have the same as the girls are wearing for the blue IATB outfits. Kekeke! ^^

Minzy is a black cat, Dara is a pink rabbit (OMG how adorable are the ears and her buck teeth?! XD), Bom is a panda bear (I am guessing because of the black ears and arm. XD) and CL is a red bird! ^^


Source: Intel Korea Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Screencaps: HD Caps of 2NE1’s Be Mine MV for Intel “Make Thumb Noise” Project

Yey! Did you guys like the MV? The girls look like Goddesses right? So here are HD caps for us to bask in the girls’ gorgeousness throughout the MV! ^_^