OMFG! Dara in bangs! So so so gorgeous baby girl! And I love her rosy cheeks, minimal make-up, outfit, bunned-up hair! I love her period! Keke! Such a goddess, Dara is! ❤

More caps of Sonic-haired Dara and Scream Dara after the cut! ^^

It’s so cute to see how Dara can transform from gorgeous!Dara at the top to Quirky!Dara with sonic hair in an instant! But whatever her hairstyle or outfits may be, Dara works it, and works it like no other! ❤

More pretty, quirky, fun, fierce Dara in the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Source: SCREAM MV via @spice_candy

Capped by: OhDara

Please do not edit the credit lines when taking out. Thank you! ^^

Comments on: "Photos: Screencaps of Dara’s Solo Shots in “SCREAM” MV" (6)

  1. Baby face Dee<3333

  2. I prefer her with no bangs… I don’t like it covering her pretty face! :)) nevertheless, she’s so damn cute!!!

  3. sizukatamagoci said:

    wow!!!!!omg….nothing to say,,she super gorgeous and super sweet.she so pretty.!!!!!!!!!!!..thanks admin for sharing..

  4. this is one of the reasons why i never find Dara boring. she’s consistent that’s why she’s often times predictable but she always manages to surprise people. love her to bits.

  5. Unisoeul said:

    Look at her face !! Baby face ❤
    love her hair 🙂

  6. i love her more because of the bangs! yey Dara! ❤

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