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Twitter/Caps: Roberto Cavalli Tweets About 2NE1’s Fashion (Shows Off Dara’s Clothes)

Designer Roberto Cavalli tweets about 2NE1’s fashion in “I Love You” music video. In his tweets, he shows off 2NE1’s music video as well as the clothes that Dara wore in said video. ^_^ Who could blame him? Dara did so much justice to his clothes!


Fashion: 2NE1’s “I Love You” MV Fashion Featured in Roberto Cavalli’s Official Blog

2NE1’s fashion in their “I Love You” music video was featured in Roberto Cavalli’s official blog. Here’s to our fierce girls being certified fashionistas!

 2NE1 in Roberto Cavalli

2NE1, Korean music girl group, have chosen to wear Roberto Cavalli clothes for the video of their new single ‘I Love You’. The song is already at the top of the music charts in Asian countries and has recently had a great success in the West.

Source: Roberto Cavalli Official Blog

Dara Fashion Find: Many Styles From Cavalli To Versace – Dara’s Evolutionary Teaser Image

Our edgy, brave, fearless girl is at it again! She not only rocked her hairstyle, but she also rocked the clothes and accessories she’s wearing. ^^ We weren’t able to find her belt and other choker yet (she’s wearing two), but we will update once we do. ^^

Got to say, love how they modified the Roberto Cavalli dress. I think the skirt gives her a more svelte and sleek look. Love how the accessories finished the over-all look as well. ^^


Thanks to everyone who helped us look! ^^

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