Designer Roberto Cavalli tweets about 2NE1’s fashion in “I Love You” music video. In his tweets, he shows off 2NE1’s music video as well as the clothes that Dara wore in said video. ^_^ Who could blame him? Dara did so much justice to his clothes!

Source: @Roberto_Cavalli


Comments on: "Twitter/Caps: Roberto Cavalli Tweets About 2NE1’s Fashion (Shows Off Dara’s Clothes)" (8)

  1. rouleauxlang said:


  2. Reblogged this on belikeit.

  3. all the girls wore his clothes but he only featured dara? woooohh… another fanboy? : )

  4. omg!!!!! gorgeousness to the next level! two thumbs up to our girls and to their stylists!!

  5. smileyme14 said:

    Wow…. After Jeremy Scott now Roberto Cavalli is joining the bandwagon of famous worldwide fashion designer telling the world about 2ne1! Isn’t that so awesome?! 2ne1 is such a fashionista girl-group! So proud of the ladies~^^

  6. wow!

  7. WOW just WOW, tweeted by one of the famous designer; felt honored for the girls .. they’re all GORGEOUS …

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