Our edgy, brave, fearless girl is at it again! She not only rocked her hairstyle, but she also rocked the clothes and accessories she’s wearing. ^^ We weren’t able to find her belt and other choker yet (she’s wearing two), but we will update once we do. ^^

Got to say, love how they modified the Roberto Cavalli dress. I think the skirt gives her a more svelte and sleek look. Love how the accessories finished the over-all look as well. ^^


Thanks to everyone who helped us look! ^^

Sources: Polyvore, Ebay, Net-A-Porter

Comments on: "Dara Fashion Find: Many Styles From Cavalli To Versace – Dara’s Evolutionary Teaser Image" (7)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. i will to all you guys why always dara our poor ssantokeez uuuuu

  3. finalfantasyqueen said:

    She is just so perfect….. So guys let’s Support Dara unnie…. Fighting!!!!

    • I want too… I;m just too emotional with her hair right now… I’ve been her fan for 8 years… i want her in a ling straight hair like Bom… Why YG is always like that.. I love the experimental style of her hair but not to the point of shaving it… its ok if he is guy, it will grow in a month.. but with the girls it will take 2 years to become a long hair again

  4. no fanboys for Dara this season.. I guess…with that hair?? I doubt… Maybe some of her fanboys will be dissapointed… I HATE YOU YG..

  5. I doubt if she will have a fanboy again.. i dont think that boys like that.. Fanboys like innocent looking , girly type not a half bald hair.. I HATE YOU YG…

  6. sorry I’m a big fan of Dara, but I don’t like her hair, I just don’t know why they always play Dara’s hair…It’s always Dara, why not Bom, Minzy or CL why its always Dara… How can she will act in a drama with half bald hair. I want her to be in a drama but with that hair its impossible.. Mr. YG I hate you so much from the bottom of my heart… as in…

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