[스타뉴스 이지현 기자] Behind-the-scenes of 2NE1’s newest MV “COME BACK HOME” was revealed.

On March 11 YG Entertainment posted on its official blog and Naver Music Special the scenes behind 2NE1’s new music video “COME BACK HOME.”

A short video of just 4 minutes and 14 seconds feature various aspects of 2NE1 including the introduction of the song, the concept of the video, and what the members think about the video and the comeback.

Each member showcases different hairstyles, and they are fully committed to the video despite the cold weather. Some playful moments gave the fans a source of entertainment as well.

MINZY describes the song as “of mourning and yearning” while DARA says “your heart aches even after you finish singing it.”

She added, “I am in charge of the ‘love scenes’ of the video. I’ve taken a lot of kissing scenes before but never felt this way before.” On the scene where she weeps, she shyly commented, “It’s my first time crying in an MV since ‘IT HURTS’.”

MINZY says the video is very “sci-fi” while CL describes it as “unrealistic but real.” DARA is fully satisfied with the clip, saying, “It’s like you are watching a movie”

BOM appears at the end of the video and says, “It’s been a while since we returned with an album. We really wanted it and there is a lot to show you from the time-invested work.”

2NE1 unveiled their album “CRUSH” on Feb 27, and is actively promoting it with the title song “COME BACK HOME.”

Source: YG-Life

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