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Article: 2NE1 #2 in Top 10 Best Kpop Girl Groups

Every Kpop fan has their favorite group, and for those who are really very familiar with Kpop, they even have favorite groups in each genre.  Here’s a fun list of Top 10 Kpop groups based on popularity of recent performance.


1. Girls’ Generation.  You expected them to be in this position, didn’t you?  There is no other spot for these 9 girls but #1. They are very active in the scene with their solo endorsements, dramas, musicals and now an upcoming world tour.  Kpop is definitely in a girls’ generation.


2. 2NE1 is comfortable and secure at number 2.  With their expected world-class performances and much anticipated comebacks whether solo or as a group, these four women can surely dominate.


3. SISTAR is a KPop girl group in rapid ascent.  With their sultry steps and dominant vocals, they are out there to make their solid mark in Kpop as well. They will be coming back soon with “Give It To Me”


4. KARA Definitely knows how to stay relevant. Way over and past the scandals that plagued them against their management company and moving on to better things and to become better artists, KARA remains to be a permanent face of Kpop for international fans.


5. f(x) has the competitive formula.  Rising to the front of the Kpop girl group leadership status, f(x) has been attracting international attention, recently being featured in SXSW and also collaborating with Anna Kendrick’s video humor website ‘Funny or Die’


6. Miss A, following Wonder Girls’ footstep while making their own mark makes it ahead at the sixth spot. It surely does help that their music is catchy, and of course the fact that the “nation’s first love” is part of the team.  Adding to that, the nation’s first love has power vocals.


7. Wonder Girls made the girl group idol phenomenon what it is, as they pushed the Hallyu wave overseas with “Nobody” from years ago.  While out of the limelight due to solo pursuits, these girls are not yet nobodies.  Need proof?  Their single, “Tell Me” has recenltly been crowned the best Kpop idol track of all time.  Well-deserved.


8. 4MINUTE quickly rose to the charts as they kept pushing the Kpop envelope making hot issues and making sure that Kpop fans will never have to ask them “What’s your name?”.


9. Brown Eyed Girls Compared to the average age of a typical girl group member, Brown Eyed Girls are more the big-sister girl idols.  But they remain unfettered by negative comments, and has proven time and again that sexiness is not defined by consistently fierce performances, and not by age.


10. SECRET managed by TS Entertainment made it to the Top 10 due to their recent comeback.  From being cute they transformed themselves to sexy goddesses and made a catchy impression.

Source: KpopStarz

Scan: X-Factor’s Boy Band “Union J” Members Love 2NE1

They mentioned in the interview that they love both 2NE1 and Miss A. ^^

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Cap: Dara at #3 in Elle Korea’s “Best Vacance Partner” (Girl)

Vacance here makes vacation! ^^ Don’t we all want to go on a vacation with Dara? She’s always #1 in our hearts!

1. 2PM’s Nickhun
2. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon
3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon
4. SHINee’s Minho

1. IU
2. Miss A’s Suzy
3. 2NE1’s Sandara Park
4. Sistar’s Hyorin

Source: Elle Korea

Article Clip: Innocent VS Sexy, Eye-Catching Girl Group Make Up – Dara And Suzy

Innocent VS Sexy, Eye-Catching Girl Group Make Up

Idols build up their images from their first stage appearance, before they begin to establish their own images. Depending on their group’s concept, plus other variables such as their costumes, the time of their debut, and the number of their activities, their images will also change. Make-up plays a big variable in girl group styles.

◇ Even with smokey eye make up, still innocent Suzy & Sandara Park

With Miss A‘s sexy dancing and singing, Suzy made her debut with the group’s sexy image, meeting the public for the first time with semi-smokey make-up. But with her appearance in the KBS Drama “Dream High” last year, where she played a student, Suzy became popular with her clean eye make-up, with little color or no make-up at all. Her cute image in the drama became more associated with her, compared to her stage image.

Group 2NE1’s Sandara Park is a great idol representative. With her small face and cute facial features, she made a strong impression during their debut for the song, “Fire” with her strong eye line on their stage performances.

Sandara Park then became a cosmetics model (Etude House), and since then has attracted people with her bright and youthful look, while sporting light make-up mostly in orange and pink shades, giving her a more feminine look. This makes people forget that she’s actually an ’84 liner, because of her young looks.


*T/N: Omitted parts not related to Dara.*



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News: Cuteness Factor: the key to a girl group’s success?

Korea is currently in its girl idol group phase, but what is the reason for the boom in popularity?

The reasons behind the immense popularity of girl idol groups range from their simple concepts to their catchy songs, from their individual talents to their eye-catching performances. However, there seems to be one more interesting reason behind many female idols’ fame.

Osen recently pointed out that cute members of female groups tend to generate widespread interest and bump up a group’s popularity singlehandedly. Every member has their own individual role in the group, and every group has a member in charge of being the ‘cute’ one. In Korea, fans call this certain member “Kui-yo-mi (귀요미),” meaning “the girl with the cute image (귀여운 이미지를 가진 이).”  This member is in charge of garnering fanboy love with her cute/lovable/girly charm, which will result in a bigger fanbase for the group. In this report, Osen identified four girl group members that fit this role.