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Info: Dara Ranks in CeCi China’s Poll – Skin Care Brand Products Endorser Trust

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From Ceci China Magazine – June 2013 Issue

 Ceci conducted a survey between December 20, 2012 to March 8, 2013 with 3035 women from Asia (South Korea 1533, China 915, and Thailand 587).
I want to purchase skin care brand products endorsed by these female celebrities” survey results:
1. f(x) Krystal 23%
2. SNSD Yoona 19%
3. 2NE1 Sandara Park 15%
4. Kim Tae Hee 13%
5. SNSD Jessica 11%
Other: Wonder Girls Sohee 6%, 2NE1 CL 6%
1. Wonder Girls Sohee 25%
2. Kim Tae Hee 14%
3. KARA Hara 12%
4. SNSD Jessica 11%
5. 2NE1 Sandara Park 9%
Other: BEG Gain 8%
South Korea
1. SNSD Yoona 18%
2. 2NE1 Sandara Park 15%
3. SNSD Jessica 13%
4. Wonder Girls Sohee 10%
5. KARA Hara 10%
Other: f(x) Krystal 8%, 2NE1 CL 5%
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Poll: Monkey3 – “Stars That You Want To Feed Health Food This Summer!” Dara at #3

This is totally random but still! I would want to feed Dara anything that she wants! ^^

Survey Results:

Lee Kwang Soo (21%)
2AM Jo Kwon (18%)
Sandara Park (16%)
Wonder Girls’ Sohee (15%)
KARA’s Goo Hara (15%)


News: Cuteness Factor: the key to a girl group’s success?

Korea is currently in its girl idol group phase, but what is the reason for the boom in popularity?

The reasons behind the immense popularity of girl idol groups range from their simple concepts to their catchy songs, from their individual talents to their eye-catching performances. However, there seems to be one more interesting reason behind many female idols’ fame.

Osen recently pointed out that cute members of female groups tend to generate widespread interest and bump up a group’s popularity singlehandedly. Every member has their own individual role in the group, and every group has a member in charge of being the ‘cute’ one. In Korea, fans call this certain member “Kui-yo-mi (귀요미),” meaning “the girl with the cute image (귀여운 이미지를 가진 이).”  This member is in charge of garnering fanboy love with her cute/lovable/girly charm, which will result in a bigger fanbase for the group. In this report, Osen identified four girl group members that fit this role.