This is totally random but still! I would want to feed Dara anything that she wants! ^^

Survey Results:

Lee Kwang Soo (21%)
2AM Jo Kwon (18%)
Sandara Park (16%)
Wonder Girls’ Sohee (15%)
KARA’s Goo Hara (15%)


Comments on: "Poll: Monkey3 – “Stars That You Want To Feed Health Food This Summer!” Dara at #3" (3)

  1. Irving Vanwye said:

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  2. health food<33
    x boy from x should be no 1!!!hey korean people, that tiny super skinny boy NEEDS to eat moreeee big mac!!!
    tiny skinny girl=normal (btw she's a girl!!!)
    tiny skinny boy= eeww

  3. that will be very cute if feeding dara with healthy food !!!

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