Thunder: “My noona, Sandara Park, Called Me Before She Did The Shaved Hairstyle”

MBLAQ known as “chic-dol” member Thunder, was interviewed. Thunder and his older sister, Sandara Park, have been often referred to as “Idol siblings with best genes.

Throughout the course of the interview, Thunder always had a smile on his face every time we talked about his sister. It came to a point that I thought, “I wish I had a brother like him.” It is impossible to search for Thunder‘s name online without Sandara Park cropping up in the related keywords search. When YG Entertainment casted Sandara Park, her brother, Thunder, as well as the rest of the family, came along with her to Korea. Thunder says that his eldest sister, Sandara Park, is a caring mentor and a thoughtful senior.

My eldest sister is sometimes very sweet and caring, but sometimes she’s serious and strict. It depends on the moment, haha!” he also says that the new song of 2NE1, the group where Sandara Park belongs to, is on repeat.

Recently, Thunder released a solo song, “Don’t Go.” The fact that he wrote the lyrics of the song himself has garnered a lot of attention. But what was his sister’s reaction to the song? “Noona always wants to listen to any composition or song that I have, she said, ‘I’d really love to see this come out in your album,’ so when my solo single came out, she said that she was really proud,” he said.

During 2NE1‘s comeback, Sandara Park amazed and shocked everyone when she revealed her bansak hairstyle (shaved head hairstyle). Thunder revealed that, “Before she decided on doing the hairstyle, she gave me a phone call and kept asking, ‘Should I do this? Should I do it?’ she asked conitnously,” he said. When asked why she hesitated on doing the bansak hairstyle, he said that it was because she was worried that the cat that she and Thunder were raising, wouldn’t be able to recognize her. Thunder confessed that he really laughed out loud when he heard his sister’s silly reasoning.

When I write a better song, it may be included in an MBLAQ Album. It’s something that I want to offer to Sandara-noona, as well as to Bi-hyung,” he said shyly. His recently released solo single, “Don’t Go” gathered a lot of attention, as it was revealed that it was composed by Thunder personally. Although it wasn’t included in their last album, fans can still catch Thunder performing his song live, for MBLAQ Asian Tour, “THE BLAQ% TOUR” which he performs for his solo stage.


Source: Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: Thunder: “My noona, Sandara Park, Called Me Before She Did The Shaved Hairstyle”" (17)

  1. finalfantasyqueen said:

    It made me cry…. I dont know maybe because its so sweet… I love parksiblings..

  2. talabels said:

    PARK SIBLINGS IS FULL OF LOVE!!!! They are not shy to show their affection to one another, on and off camera!

    Thunder has come a long way on his own. I’m sure his noona is very, very proud of him and his accomplishments. Both of them deserves nothing but the best!

  3. Angel Dee<33 She sacrificed everything for those super egoist people…sigh T.T
    If i were thunder, I would shoot those egoist people in the head!!!those egoist people will burn in hell!!!!

  4. Hahaha! Didn’t expect that. Silly Darong! Don’t worry Santokki, Dadongie will still recognize you. 😀
    How could he not?! You’re his beloved noona!
    Park Siblings love! I want to see them together in a show.


  6. Park Siblings the BEST!
    Love their relationship! beautiful siblings inside and out! kkk
    And Santokki the always playful one, and loves to joke around, LOL!
    Wish to see them on a show again! ^^

  7. lol i think that she scared that dadoong gonna scratch her head

  8. Aw sweet TT…

    Lol Dara’s reason why she hesitated doing the the undercut haha!

  9. dara and thunder are so cute!!!!

  10. Wahhh…. Crazy dará! ^_^

  11. MyStar_11 said:

    Reblogged this on MyStar_11.

  12. awkward610 said:

    What a sweet siblings….their mother must be proud…^^

  13. Hyuwhieyl said:

    Cuteeee!!! I want to see them together in a variety!!!

  14. bwahahahaha..! silly Darong is silly… “she was worried that the cat that she and Thunder were raising, wouldn’t be able to recognize her” aigooo Dara-ah…! >,<

    Dara noona must be so proud of you Dog-poop ah… 😀 love them both.. :3

  15. tatashi said:

    i love this two!!!! i want a brother like cute bro like thunder and pretty sis like dara. then my life will be complete! kkk

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