As we mentioned in our earlier post, San Union Project (OH MY GODDESS, We Love Dara, OhDara, BaiduSandaraBar with the special participation of @MamaWowa), sponsored the food for 2NE1 and YG staff for their 2nd stage in Inkigayo! ^^ You can check out that post here!

Here are some photos of what we prepared for 2NE1 and YG Staff! 

Again, we would like to thank @OMG_SANDAR for making all this possible!


Comments on: "San Union Project: 120715 2nd Inkigayo Stage Food Support (Part 2)" (25)

  1. Whoa. Those pictures are making me hungry.

  2. Barbsbingsoo said:

    Congratualtions San Union!! Dara fans are really jjang like her!!
    The food looks delicious….yumyum! They probably ate well..the girls and the staffs!
    Kekeke.. Keep up the amazing projects San Union!! We Love San Union..

  3. talabels said:

    Congratulations again to you guys! The food looks really, really yummy! Droooling over it! Kekeke! I’m sure the girls and the staffs enjoy eating the foods you gave them ^_^

    DARA FANS JJANG!!!! ^___^

  4. those foods look really yummy! they ate well for sure :))

  5. Oh! My god! The food looks really delicious… Dara fans is so jjang!!! Hands down,u really love your idol and even prepared yummy food not only for her but for the whole yg family, thats is why i love dara she has a strong bond to her fans,she knows how to appreciate the love that she recieved and she’s trying her best to give them back to her fans…that whats fans r for,loving and caring for their idol and never let anyone get her down!!! Hand down to all daralings,to oh my goddess!,oh dara! We love dara and everyone who loves dara!!!

  6. wow….. yummy food… thank you for taking care of theme… hope someday i can help too…

  7. ilovessantokki said:

    Wow! Everything looks so amazingly delicious. You guys are amazing! Thank you all for working so hard on behalf of Daralings and Blackjacks everywhere and for showing Dara, 2NE1, and their staff how much we care about them. Can’t thank you guys enough! ❤

  8. wow! it’s look delicious and yummy!! DAebak Guys!!! I’m Proud of you! 🙂

  9. WOW! Those look so yummyy!! It’s very easy to tell that you guys put a lot of love and effort in making those food. The presentation alone is topnotch.

  10. nomnomnom looks yummyyy 😀 great job!!

  11. Awesome job Daralings! You all are amazing! On the next project, I will definitely donate! 🙂

  12. Reblogged this on chriszlchye and commented:
    YummY!!! Sandara fans are really jjang!!!

  13. petitedara said:

    OMG. You are guys amazing. Are those home made foods? Those are beautiful, and I bet super delicious!!! OMG OMG..

  14. kyliegen12 said:


  15. the sweetest thing a fan can do to their idol… DARALING ARE THE BEST!

  16. It looks like a work of art! Too beautiful to eat! Hahaha

  17. OMG *drools* the food looks delicious ^_^!!!! daralings are so kind and thoughtful towards Goddess D and YG family! Keep up with the work ^^ ❤

  18. KeeNBrooklynite said:

    totally awesome! you guys are the best! thank you San Union for always letting dara feel extra special. Thanks! Daralings are the B-E-S-T!!

  19. Delicious food, nice food photos, fantastic daralings, best project forever!

  20. /wipes drool/ San Union Project is truly amazing!!! daraling powers combined!

    thank you so much for doing all these wonderful things for our precious dara and representing daralings so awesomely well!!! kudos!!! ^__^

  21. Dara fans are truly amazing! So organise and wow the foods looks so yummy!!

  22. I’m wIlling to give-up My coffee right now and taste this foods! It’s look so yummy!!!!

  23. wow these are really fit for diets and very appetitlich !!!!!

  24. Drooling….the food looks amazingly delicious & well prepared../drools/ now im hungry… Daralings jjang!!!!!

  25. YUMMY!!!!! daralings are really the best!!! Ms. dara & the girls and yg staffs are very happy eh? 🙂 Much love and power to the 2ne1 girls & all dara fanbase specially to OHMYGODDESS, OHDARA, BAIDUSANDARABAR WELOVEDARA.AND MAMAWOWA :))

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