Yes guys! We bring you another San Union Project! ^^ We started the project last week with gifts for Dara for 2NE1’s Comeback Stage in Inkigayo. You can check out the details of that project here! This week, San Union Project sponsored 2NE1 and YG Staff’s food for their 2nd Inkigayo stage! We provided the girls and YG Staff with different kinds of food, fruits as well as dessert. We just wanted to give the girls something delicious that will warm their tummies and hopefully show how much we love them.

Again, San Union Project is composed of OH MY GODDESS (Dara’s Korean Fansite), OH DARA, WELOVEDARA, BAIDUSANDARBAR (Dara’s Chinese Fansite) and with the very special participation of @MamaWowa.

Here are some photos of our project!

We will be showing you guys more photos once they become available! ^^ Thank you so much to @OMG_SANDAR for the hard work!

Minzy and Dara acknowledged the gifts from San Union!

Dara: Thank you very much for the San Union Food. The members and staff are all full and we ate well.

Thanks @OMG_SANDAR; @mingkki21; Dara’s me2day

Comments on: "San Union Project: 120715 2nd Inkigayo Stage Food Support" (7)

  1. WHOA!!! Awesome!!! Fan service mingkki yaaa ❤

  2. I love you guys. You are all amazing. Thank you very much for loving Dara and the girls.


    You are awesome! Always working hard on showing Dara and 2NE1 you love ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. tikilovesapples said:

    Dara must’ve felt so happy knowing that her fanbase from different countries united for this project.

    Kudos to you guys!!

  5. dararose said:

    I can’t wait for their performance in INGIKAYO

  6. Great job….i am so happy to see a group that is so dedicated, please continue your great work, we will support you on the sideline:-)

  7. finalfantasyqueen said:

    You guys are Great!……….

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