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Instagram: Happy Jo Kwon Shares a Backstage Pic with Dara, Lydia, and Marshall ~ “With Sandara Park-Noona Who Came to the Show!”

So so so cute! YAYYYYYY hanging out with friends outside YG! Dara really likes musicals, and I find it cute that she takes time to go backstage to congratulate the actors.. ^^ I’ve been interested in “Priscilla” ever since Jo Kwon’s pictures came out, it looked interesting.. ^^ I’m sure Dara, Lydia, and Marshall enjoyed it.. ^^ And waahhh, Kwooonnnnniiiieeeee *fangirl scream* my bias from 2AM. XD How young does Dara look though, forever young-looking and beautiful.. ❤


#Priscilla #musical With Sandara Park-noona, who came to see the show today! Lydia! Marshall-hyung! Thank you!!! @marshallbang @thelyddz


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Article: Xin MSN Lists Down Their Top 10 Favourite Korean Variety-Dols – Dara at Number 8!

Being a Korean idol is difficult, but being part of a Korean idol group is even harder.

Korean idol groups can no longer be contented with just performing on stage. There’s a rising trend with a need for them to branch out in other areas, not only to make a name for their group, but also to let the audience get to know them individually — especially for those in big groups like Super Junior and ZE:A.

In recent years, Koreans coined the word ‘variety-dol’ to describe idols well-received on variety programmes because of their personalities, silver tongues or comedic timing.

The first few idols to be crowned ‘variety-dols’ were probably the members of legendary group Shinhwa, who dominated old-time variety shows such as X-Man where they showed TV audiences another side of themselves. Beast’s Yoseob was even quoted as saying, ‘Shinhwa members are variety-dols’ ‘textbooks’.’

Variety Programmes: 2NE1 TV, Strong Heart

Success rate: ★★★

Girl group 2NE1 is a rare sight on variety programmes, so when Dara and Bom first went onto talk show Strong Heart, fans were in for a treat.

Dara was pretty nervous when she was sharing her story then, but her confidence quickly grew as time went by. She even admitted that she had taken variety classes from senior Seungri (Big Bang) to prepare herself the night before.

The 28-year-old then told a funny story of how Taeyang (Big Bang) grabbed her neck and twirled her on the ground with a straight face and even added her own sound effects, causing the entire studio of guest stars to cackle along.

On 2NE1‘s own reality TV 2NE1 TV, Dara may be the group’s ‘visual’, but she sure didn’t mind showing her goofy side. With her years of experience in showbiz (Dara was previously a star when she lived in the Philippines), we say, give the girl more chances on variety programmes, she will do a fine job!


Source: Xin MSN 

Poll: Monkey3 – “Stars That You Want To Feed Health Food This Summer!” Dara at #3

This is totally random but still! I would want to feed Dara anything that she wants! ^^

Survey Results:

Lee Kwang Soo (21%)
2AM Jo Kwon (18%)
Sandara Park (16%)
Wonder Girls’ Sohee (15%)
KARA’s Goo Hara (15%)