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Compilation/Trans: Dara at SBS Hwashin (Incarnation) Part 2

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Please be reminded that all of them were laughing and having a great time. All their conversations were done in jest and they were joking with each other and having a great time. Before you judge these conversations, I suggest you watch the video even if it has no english subs yet. Thanks! ^_^

DARA: “YG said not to worry Daesung would take care of all,so I went there with no worries. As soon as I arrived, I wanted to go home.” Dara thought that she was going to be the only guest but when she arrived ppabam, UEE was there too.
DARA: “We had to form teams and anyone could choose Dara Team or Uee Team. Daesung went first, “I’m on Uee Team!” (Hence the yellow card!)
DARA: “Anytime Uee said something, all of them were gushing even Yoo Jaesuk Sunbae.”
DARA: “Uee had a nice body and even did a sexy dance. And I came out with my hot dog costume.”
HYORI: “Uee was flipping her hair and was doing her sexy dance, then Dara, like today with her bag, suddenly came out with her hot dog costume.”

DARA: “At the time, I was scared of small dogs and we were at Jindo Island!” (Which is well-known for their Korean Jindo Dog Breed)
DARA: “I should have been like ‘Omo! So scary!’ but I was frozen.”
DARA: “I kind of went blank and wondered ‘What am I doing here?'”

HYORI: “Who are you the most awkward with (members)?”
DARA: “I’m close to all of them, it’s just that I’m more comfortable texting. So even we’re in the same place I’d text ‘would you come out for a minute?” (Rather than knocking on the door.)
HOST: “So what if you want to use the bathroom? Would you knock and ask if someone’s inside?”
DARA: “No, I wake up first and use it.”

DARA: “Hyori Unnie’s so good at variety she helped me a lot.”
HYORI: “So is it after Family Outing that you changed your role model from Hyori to Uhm Junghwa?”

DARA: “After the show, I got her number and sent her a text, ‘Hello, it’s Dara…’ But she didn’t reply to me.”
HYORI: “I really didn’t receive it!”
HOST: “Ah! So that’s why you switched to Uhm Junghwa!”
HYORI: “A while ago, she even followed me (on twitter), but I didn’t know about it either. It’s the fans who let me know about it. The fans told me, ‘Dara is following you, why aren’t you following her back?’ So I did.”
DARA: “Though I was happy, I held back and didn’t write to her, in case she didn’t see and reply.”
HOST: “So if you’re in contact with her, what would you want to do with her?”
DARA: “I heard she treated juniors to drinks…”
HYORI: “Yes, I drink and talk with them…”
HOST: “Who amongst them?”
HYORI: “4Minute, KARA’s Hara…”
HOST: “Hara, then Dara too…”
HOST: “And me, Gura! Hara, Dara, Gura! Like a package!”

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeloveDara/OhDara (The Stinky Mushroom)

Compilation/Trans: Dara and CL at SBS Hwashin (Incarnation) Part 1

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Were you guys able to see our wonderful ChaeRa at SBS Hwashin (Incarnation) earlier? ^_^

Dara was so adorable and animated! She looked gorgeous too! Her smiles are just love! She was witty, charming and beautiful!

There’s still a Part 2 though! Let’s watch out for that too!

Here’s a brief ROUGH compilation of some of what happened during Part 1 of Incarnation:

  • Joon said he went to watch a concert of Fin.k.l or Lee Hyori, and Dara said “Oh, didn’t you see me there?”
  • Dara made a sign for Kim Gura that says “I’m a beginner at variety shows, please be easy on me.”
  • Dara said that if there’s any guys who are interested in her, they should contact YG.
  • When talking about dating, Dara also asked for any interested guys to arrange for an interview slot to meet with YG ㅋㅋㅋ Hyori even offered to use her SNS to spread the word to help Dara find her ideal guy sooner!
  • Dara talked about her experience on Family Outing and how she tried to be closer to Hyori through texts
  • CL: “It was during an awarding that I saw Sandara unnie getting mad for the first time where she  threw a water bottle. Her clothes arrived late and the broadcast is nearing, she was mad and threw a water bottle but no one even saw except me.” When Dara was mad, she threw a water bottle and no one saw except CL. CL said, “It was so hard for me to endure the laughter.”
  • Hyori talked about how Dara followed her on twitter, she didn’t about it until fans told her and asked her why she didn’t follow back.
  • Dara also talked about her carrying watermelons for Hyori (the same story she said during Family Outing). It was funny because she even thought to do it because watermelon in Korea was more expensive.
  • Dara also talked a little bit about her stint in Family Outing. She talked about how UEE danced sexily and then she followed wearing a hotdog outfit. She also talked about her fear of dogs and how there were so many of them in Family Outing. Dara thanked Hyori for coming to her team that day. And she (Hyori) said she did not like Uee (I’m sure she was just kidding!). Dara also said that when she arrived at the filming place, she wanted to go home right away. (Please be reminded that she was joking and smiling the entire time).
  • Dara wakes up first every single morning. She also does everything first like make-up, getting dressed, etc.
  • CL: “Dara unnie is always the one coming first to have her makeup done, she’s the first one who’s prepared all the time.”
  • Dara said that she just likes to send text messages to the members because it is more comfortable for her. I think they mentioned something about even in the dorms, Dara would text to ask who was in the bathroom.
  • Dara: “The thing about me sending a message to the members because I don’t wanna talk to them is 100% a misunderstanding. I’m a person who really doesn’t talk much and when I have something to tell them, I make noise using a pot and ask them to go out.”
  • Dara also mentioned that she likes to eat meat very much.
  • They also talked about how Dara is with CLIO now and that it was onced endorsed by Hyori.
  • Lee Hyori: “Why do you wanna do variety shows?” Dara: “Simply because I have the sense of humor. Even at dorm, I’m the funniest”

It’s also important to note that because of Hwashin, LEE HYORI AND DARA + DARA AND UEE both trended at #1 in Nate Real Time Search.

Credit: @WeLoveDara + @sgbjcrew + @kristinekwak + @WeLoveChaerin + Parkers_Sandara + @ilove2ne1girls

Screencaps: Gorgeous Dara, CL, Lee Joon and Lee Hyori at SBS Hwashin (Incarnation)







Credit: 5인조 Ulala @ DC2NE1 Gallery

Article: MBLAQ’s Thunder and Mir Talk About Their Sisters Appearance


MBLAQ‘s Mir and Thunder may both have older sisters in the entertainment industry, but the two of them have incredibly different outlooks on their sisters.

On the June 10 installment of ‘Beatles Code 2‘, Thunder was asked if he thought his older sister, 2NE1‘s Dara, was pretty. He answered, “When I see her at home, I don’t think she’s that pretty. But when she’s on stage with the others, I think she’s really pretty.” The MCs joked, “Are you saying the other female celebrities are ugly? Like Girls’ Generation?“. Thunder quickly corrected himself and stated, “I mean that since she’s so pretty even among pretty people, I realize she’s very pretty.

However, Mir thought the exact opposite! On his sister actress Go Eun Ah, he said, “My sister is the worst of the worst“. When the MCs repeated what he said, he emphasized, “The worst of the worst of the worst! Even when my mother sees my sister at home, she says, ‘There’s a hobo over there’.

Still, Seungho chose Go Eun Ah as being closer to his ideal type, and Lee Joon said he’d pick Dara out of the two. As for G.O, he chose Dara because he saw Go Eun Ah and the rest of Mir’s family too often.

Source: AllKpop

Cap: Dara at #3 in Elle Korea’s “Best Vacance Partner” (Girl)

Vacance here makes vacation! ^^ Don’t we all want to go on a vacation with Dara? She’s always #1 in our hearts!

1. 2PM’s Nickhun
2. MBLAQ’s Lee Joon
3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon
4. SHINee’s Minho

1. IU
2. Miss A’s Suzy
3. 2NE1’s Sandara Park
4. Sistar’s Hyorin

Source: Elle Korea