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Photos: 130702 Official Photos of Ethereal, Glowing Dara at SBS Incarnation Guesting, Part 2

I am seriously, seriously loving the official photos.. ^_^ Dara just glows, darn it.. So very pretty! *sobs* 

Her fierce, but still so cute and endearing, flip-hair-look-over-the-shoulder look. Kekeke!

image (4)

Semi-puff cheeksssss wahhhh! ❤

image (2)

And her precious smile.. I love her smile, her whole face lights up even more.. ^_^

image (1)

Looking thoughtful and pretty.. ❤


She even makes it look like an artform, just bending a bit to get something. T_T

image (3)


Source:  5인조 Ulala@DC2NE1Gallery

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Compilation/Translations: Dara and CL on SBS’ Hwashin (Incarnation) – Part 2

Awwwww! This second part of Hwashin was filled with so much ChaeRa love as CL and Dara talked about the earthquake in Japan and how Dara decided to live differently after that. 

A little bit of background before I start with Dara and CL’s story about the earthquake in Japan. When it happened, Dara was on a different floor from the other girls because the others were having their make-up done. 

This is just a rough translation as well as a summary of what happened during the earthquake:

  • The day before2NE1’s first debut stage in Japan, for some reason Dara really didn’t want to go. She told the members she didn’t want to go and told the staff she didn’t feel good.
  • So when the earthquake happened, Dara was on the 34th floor of their hotel. She immediately called CL and waited for the line to get through. Dara was like, “Where are you?” and CL said, “Hold on and don’t move. I’ll go pick you up. Hold on.” CL told Dara, “don’t take the elevator and stay where you are.” CL then went up from the 31st floor to the 34th floor to get Dara. During that time, CL thought, “I thought we were going to die. If we were going to die, then we’ll die. But dying together would be the right way to go.”
  • When they reached the ground floor, Dara said that they met up with the other members and saw people around her praying just like in the movies.
  • After the earthquake, they were traumatized for a long time. When they would sleep, CL thought of tying their hands together with the belt of a bath robe. Dara would say, “If there’s an earthquake you have to wake up! If my hands start shaking, you have to wake up!” And CL would say, “Yes unnie, go tie it up.”


  • Dara said that before the earthquake happened, she used to live her life in order to please other people. She said that she used to follow orders 100% and she didn’t disobey any of the rules. After the earthquake, Dara said that she learned to take a little bit for herself too. She learned to live her life for herself too.
  • Dara said, “Up until then (earthquake) I was very obedient never doing anything that sajangnim said not to. So before I die I want to just cuss out in anger…..I have a practiced cuss”
  • In Hwashin, Dara confessed that, “”I’ve never had the refreshing sensation of just releasing my anger at anyone.” So, the hosts asked Dara to “act angry” or “get angry” so Dara started acting angry and starting swearing and cussing on TV. Of course it was beeped out and this is the result of Dara’s “anger”.
  • Dara learned to cuss through Tablo’s wife, Kang Hye Jung!

proxy (1)

  • Dara also said that she wants to experience an intsense/strong kind of love.
  • Dara also said that she gets nervous and still a little scared when she rides an airplane and she feels embarrassed about it especially when fans travel with them.

Here is an excerpt of how Dara felt during the earthquake in Japan:

“At the time of the earthquake, we were on the 34th floor of our hotel dorm in Tokyo.  Maybe it’s because we were higher up, but things shook a lot more severely, which surprised us all. I thought my body was going to fly out. Even during the plane ride home, I couldn’t calm myself, and thinking about it now still scares me.

After the shaking stopped, we walked from the 34th floor all the way down to the first and relocated to a safer location. There were many things to worry about, including our Japanese fans who were waiting for us in front of the hotel during the time of the actual earthquake.

All of us were very shocked, but we were more worried for the safety of the Japanese people.  I genuinely hope that everyone made it out of the disaster safely, and that it doesn’t become magnified.”

Translated by: @sgbjcrew + @ilove2ne1girls + @JyongDarong + @21TASTICBABY + @ParkSiblings + @WeLoveChaerin

Credit: @2yene1, @TheFreshVocal

Video: Lovely Dara’s Reactions Cuts on SBS Incarnation Guesting

Dara is just sooo animated and is a joy to watch. Kekekeke! ❤

SANDARA reaction CUT

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Article: Dara Clears Up Rumors That 2NE1 Don’t Talk To Each Other Once The Cameras Go Off

OMG! Dara is so considerate! Her desire to not burden others as well as her consideration is on another whole different level! 


Dara cleared up the rumors that 2NE1 don’t talk to each other much once the cameras go off.

 On the June 25th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Incarnation‘, MC Kim Gu Ra wasn’t afraid to get to the root of the rumor and mentioned, “There is a rumor that the members of 2NE1 don’t talk to each other at all once the cameras go off”, to which Dara clarified, “It is 100% a misunderstanding.” 

  Dara explained, “Because I am a little shy and I prefer not to cause any inconvenience to others, I have trouble knocking [on my members’ doors] when I have something to say. I’m worried that they’ll wake up from their sleep so I even take the pans outside to hit them. When they’re in their rooms, I text them and ask them to come out for a bit. But when I meet them face-to-face, I talk a lot but I am uncomfortable with directly knocking on their doors or calling them.”

In response to the question, “So you don’t even knock to ask if anyone is in the bathroom?”, to which Dara replied, “That is why I wake up the earliest and use the bathroom first. Later in the day, I use the bathroom when no one else is around. They have to focus on going to the bathroom, but I worry that I will cause an inconvenience to them if I were to knock.”

 “I am comfortable with all of the members. But I am just more comfortable with texting them.”

Source: Allkpop


Screencaps: Simply Gorgeous Dara at SBS Hwashin (Incarnation)

She is to die for! ^_^ So beautiful in all her simplicity! 


Click the link below for more screencaps!


Compilation/Trans: Dara at SBS Hwashin (Incarnation) Part 2

BNmmQtMCAAAi0_y.jpg large

Please be reminded that all of them were laughing and having a great time. All their conversations were done in jest and they were joking with each other and having a great time. Before you judge these conversations, I suggest you watch the video even if it has no english subs yet. Thanks! ^_^

DARA: “YG said not to worry Daesung would take care of all,so I went there with no worries. As soon as I arrived, I wanted to go home.” Dara thought that she was going to be the only guest but when she arrived ppabam, UEE was there too.
DARA: “We had to form teams and anyone could choose Dara Team or Uee Team. Daesung went first, “I’m on Uee Team!” (Hence the yellow card!)
DARA: “Anytime Uee said something, all of them were gushing even Yoo Jaesuk Sunbae.”
DARA: “Uee had a nice body and even did a sexy dance. And I came out with my hot dog costume.”
HYORI: “Uee was flipping her hair and was doing her sexy dance, then Dara, like today with her bag, suddenly came out with her hot dog costume.”

DARA: “At the time, I was scared of small dogs and we were at Jindo Island!” (Which is well-known for their Korean Jindo Dog Breed)
DARA: “I should have been like ‘Omo! So scary!’ but I was frozen.”
DARA: “I kind of went blank and wondered ‘What am I doing here?'”

HYORI: “Who are you the most awkward with (members)?”
DARA: “I’m close to all of them, it’s just that I’m more comfortable texting. So even we’re in the same place I’d text ‘would you come out for a minute?” (Rather than knocking on the door.)
HOST: “So what if you want to use the bathroom? Would you knock and ask if someone’s inside?”
DARA: “No, I wake up first and use it.”

DARA: “Hyori Unnie’s so good at variety she helped me a lot.”
HYORI: “So is it after Family Outing that you changed your role model from Hyori to Uhm Junghwa?”

DARA: “After the show, I got her number and sent her a text, ‘Hello, it’s Dara…’ But she didn’t reply to me.”
HYORI: “I really didn’t receive it!”
HOST: “Ah! So that’s why you switched to Uhm Junghwa!”
HYORI: “A while ago, she even followed me (on twitter), but I didn’t know about it either. It’s the fans who let me know about it. The fans told me, ‘Dara is following you, why aren’t you following her back?’ So I did.”
DARA: “Though I was happy, I held back and didn’t write to her, in case she didn’t see and reply.”
HOST: “So if you’re in contact with her, what would you want to do with her?”
DARA: “I heard she treated juniors to drinks…”
HYORI: “Yes, I drink and talk with them…”
HOST: “Who amongst them?”
HYORI: “4Minute, KARA’s Hara…”
HOST: “Hara, then Dara too…”
HOST: “And me, Gura! Hara, Dara, Gura! Like a package!”

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeloveDara/OhDara (The Stinky Mushroom)

Photos: 130625 Dazzling, Ethereal Dara Shines in SBS Incarnation Official Pics – Warning: Might Cause Extreme Bouts of Envy

OMG Dara, why are you doing this to us? T_T She just looks so dazzlingly perfect.. So so so gorgeous, my beautiful, beautiful goddess! And she is beautiful both inside and out as well.. ❤

Excuse your perfect, Dara-ya, just excuse.. ❤ Her perfection is blinding.. /full fangirl mode


But of course, here is our Darong’s pretty smile that could launch a thousand fanboys’ hearts.. ❤ 






News: 2NE1’s Sandara Park Explains Why She Texts Members Even at Home

2NE1’s Sandara Park Explains Why She Texts Members Even at Home


With rumors of discord between the 2NE1 members, Sandara Park decided to clear the air.

On June 25’s broadcast of SBS’ Incarnation, Sandara Park appeared as a guest with fellow member, CL.

There, MC Kim Gura asked about a rumor he’s heard about the 2NE1 members not getting along behind cameras.

I heard you even text the members inside the dorms because you don’t want to talk to them,” said the MC.


“I have a very shy personality that I don’t like being a burden to another person,” said Sandara Park, denying the rumor. “Even if I have something to say, I can’t seem to knock on their doors, so I hit pots instead.”

She shared that she’s comfortable with all the members, but she just chooses to text.

Once I meet them, I’m able to talk to them, but it’s just hard to knock on the door or call on the phone,” said Sandara Park, showing a bit of her 4D personality.

She even added that she doesn’t like knocking on the bathroom door, so she gets up early in the morning to use it first.

I don’t want to knock and disturb anyone during a time when they should be focusing.”


Source: MWave


Compilation/Trans: Dara and CL at SBS Hwashin (Incarnation) Part 1

BNmms1lCEAI-uP9.jpg large

Were you guys able to see our wonderful ChaeRa at SBS Hwashin (Incarnation) earlier? ^_^

Dara was so adorable and animated! She looked gorgeous too! Her smiles are just love! She was witty, charming and beautiful!

There’s still a Part 2 though! Let’s watch out for that too!

Here’s a brief ROUGH compilation of some of what happened during Part 1 of Incarnation:

  • Joon said he went to watch a concert of Fin.k.l or Lee Hyori, and Dara said “Oh, didn’t you see me there?”
  • Dara made a sign for Kim Gura that says “I’m a beginner at variety shows, please be easy on me.”
  • Dara said that if there’s any guys who are interested in her, they should contact YG.
  • When talking about dating, Dara also asked for any interested guys to arrange for an interview slot to meet with YG ㅋㅋㅋ Hyori even offered to use her SNS to spread the word to help Dara find her ideal guy sooner!
  • Dara talked about her experience on Family Outing and how she tried to be closer to Hyori through texts
  • CL: “It was during an awarding that I saw Sandara unnie getting mad for the first time where she  threw a water bottle. Her clothes arrived late and the broadcast is nearing, she was mad and threw a water bottle but no one even saw except me.” When Dara was mad, she threw a water bottle and no one saw except CL. CL said, “It was so hard for me to endure the laughter.”
  • Hyori talked about how Dara followed her on twitter, she didn’t about it until fans told her and asked her why she didn’t follow back.
  • Dara also talked about her carrying watermelons for Hyori (the same story she said during Family Outing). It was funny because she even thought to do it because watermelon in Korea was more expensive.
  • Dara also talked a little bit about her stint in Family Outing. She talked about how UEE danced sexily and then she followed wearing a hotdog outfit. She also talked about her fear of dogs and how there were so many of them in Family Outing. Dara thanked Hyori for coming to her team that day. And she (Hyori) said she did not like Uee (I’m sure she was just kidding!). Dara also said that when she arrived at the filming place, she wanted to go home right away. (Please be reminded that she was joking and smiling the entire time).
  • Dara wakes up first every single morning. She also does everything first like make-up, getting dressed, etc.
  • CL: “Dara unnie is always the one coming first to have her makeup done, she’s the first one who’s prepared all the time.”
  • Dara said that she just likes to send text messages to the members because it is more comfortable for her. I think they mentioned something about even in the dorms, Dara would text to ask who was in the bathroom.
  • Dara: “The thing about me sending a message to the members because I don’t wanna talk to them is 100% a misunderstanding. I’m a person who really doesn’t talk much and when I have something to tell them, I make noise using a pot and ask them to go out.”
  • Dara also mentioned that she likes to eat meat very much.
  • They also talked about how Dara is with CLIO now and that it was onced endorsed by Hyori.
  • Lee Hyori: “Why do you wanna do variety shows?” Dara: “Simply because I have the sense of humor. Even at dorm, I’m the funniest”

It’s also important to note that because of Hwashin, LEE HYORI AND DARA + DARA AND UEE both trended at #1 in Nate Real Time Search.

Credit: @WeLoveDara + @sgbjcrew + @kristinekwak + @WeLoveChaerin + Parkers_Sandara + @ilove2ne1girls

Photos: Official SBS Photos from Incarnation – Dara, CL, Lee Hyori and Lee Joon

More photos from the set of Incarnation ^^

BNml4GmCAAE6wuT.jpg large

BNm0tAnCEAA8PSg.jpg large

BNmmQtMCAAAi0_y.jpg large

BNmms1lCEAI-uP9.jpg large


Source: SBS via @YJEPB

Re-uploaded by: OhDara