OMG! Dara is so considerate! Her desire to not burden others as well as her consideration is on another whole different level! 


Dara cleared up the rumors that 2NE1 don’t talk to each other much once the cameras go off.

 On the June 25th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Incarnation‘, MC Kim Gu Ra wasn’t afraid to get to the root of the rumor and mentioned, “There is a rumor that the members of 2NE1 don’t talk to each other at all once the cameras go off”, to which Dara clarified, “It is 100% a misunderstanding.” 

  Dara explained, “Because I am a little shy and I prefer not to cause any inconvenience to others, I have trouble knocking [on my members’ doors] when I have something to say. I’m worried that they’ll wake up from their sleep so I even take the pans outside to hit them. When they’re in their rooms, I text them and ask them to come out for a bit. But when I meet them face-to-face, I talk a lot but I am uncomfortable with directly knocking on their doors or calling them.”

In response to the question, “So you don’t even knock to ask if anyone is in the bathroom?”, to which Dara replied, “That is why I wake up the earliest and use the bathroom first. Later in the day, I use the bathroom when no one else is around. They have to focus on going to the bathroom, but I worry that I will cause an inconvenience to them if I were to knock.”

 “I am comfortable with all of the members. But I am just more comfortable with texting them.”

Source: Allkpop


Comments on: "Article: Dara Clears Up Rumors That 2NE1 Don’t Talk To Each Other Once The Cameras Go Off" (13)

  1. wincel reeves said:

    Just awesome topic! Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. Merging files is super easy with AltoMerge. Try it on your own here and you’ll make sure how it’s simple.

  2. this is just my POV; the way I see it, Dara is just respectful of other member’s space that’s why she prefers to text them rather than barging into their rooms, which makes her a considerate person in my eyes.

    • Sandara Stark said:

      I agree and I can tell from your comment that you’re a considerate person, too. 🙂 Couldn’t imagine how the others came to the conclusions that they did without the benefit of watching the video or reading the translations. Don’t you think that’s weirder? Haha Most based their conclusions on a translated news article where the writer ignored the nuance of the dialogue or the context with which it was said. Even when I come across a translation, I compare it with one or two other and glimpse a difference not only in diction but also in content.

  3. whatever others says… we will always love you DARA… we cannot please everybody!!! Everybody is unique in their own way…

  4. she really loves to text. maybe she got that habit while she was still in the phils. she’s really grounded, down to earth person. despite her status. i really love her.

  5. I love dara no matter what…u are very humble and loving to ur friends…

  6. YEAH, she is that kind of person not 2 burden anyone,like that part in her movie MY NAME SANDARA PARK,where her mom read the news that she was buying vote to win SCQ,and this gossip hurt her mom badly and she told her mom not to worry cuz it really not true anyway, that it does not affect her.DARA is really a strong person a fighter,she might be introvert but once u get her trust she’s a loyal friend.regarding dating,i think she regard YGpresident as a father figure so that guys wanting her if they r really true of their intention they have 2 pass thro him.Good luck please make a drama with DONGHAE or JAEJONG OR LEE MIN HO or d ijimae guy or TOP.

    • tatashi said:

      The opening part of the show. Dara ‘s pass sign that she personally made a day before was broke by that male mc guy, shin dong yop.

  7. Sunrise Angel said:

    Send a text message?i was taught that is the polite thing to do!! She’s just an introverted/shy girl. Introverts are an often misunderstood in society, even though up to half of population is considered this type. Takes a while to get know her. Then she can be silly and fun loving<3 Introvert people have good empathic and listening skills than extroverts do not have<3 Sweetie Dee FIGHTING!!!

  8. I think Dara’s being shy until now is what makes her grounded inspite of the success. She’s still humble and the same as she was when she was starting.

  9. nHurs89 said:

    dara is a person just like us.
    but we our not desame in personality.
    just like her.she is a shy person!!! period~~~
    i believe what she said!!!

  10. Dara always have the courage to explain like those 2ne1s media and netizen misunderstandings …. she is really a true friend…and she really respect her co member.

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