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Article: Dara Shows Potential As An Entertainment Idol

Dara shows potentials as an entertainment idol


2NE1’s Dara, also known as Sandara Park, showed her potential as an entertainer and make everyone laugh.
In SBS’s entertainment show, “Hwasin – Controller of the Heart,” aired on the 25th, Dara showed off a goofy and unique charm as a guest and made the emcees bend over in laughter with her stories and jokes.

In the show, Dara took out props that she had prepared herself and expressed her avid interest in entertainment shows. She had brought various props including signs that read “First-time entertainment show guest, be gentle” and “PASS” and a yellow card. She appealed directly to the emcees for more opportunities to participate in entertainment shows saying she dreamed of becoming an entertainment idol who would unleash her skills every time the TV was on.

She also asked Kim Gu-ra, Shin Dong-yeop, Kim Hee-sun and Bong Tae-gyu for tips on how to become a better entertainer.

As the show went on and Dara showed how funny she could be, viewers could see that her dream of becoming an entertainment idol was actually one that could be possible.

When explaining rumors that there was discord among 2NE1 members, she said, “I’m actually really shy. I’m even scared of knocking on other’s doors because I don’t want to wake them up.”

Dara was taken back when asked about rumors that she hated Lee Hyori. She was then told that she needed to answer questions like this to become a true entertainment idol. Dara proceeded to say, “Should I take a go for practice? The reason I hate Hyori..” But she couldn’t finish her sentence and the emcees burst out laughing.

The emcees praised Dara’s charming and funny skills and predicted that an entertainment idol was born that day.

Dara has not appeared in many entertainment shows until now and viewers welcomed her guest appearance that day. “We’ve discovered a true entertainer in the rough,” “Dara’s so cute and goofy at the same time. She’s make a great entertainment idol,” “I guess we’ll be seeing more of Dara on TV from now.


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Video: Lovely Dara’s Reactions Cuts on SBS Incarnation Guesting

Dara is just sooo animated and is a joy to watch. Kekekeke! ❤

SANDARA reaction CUT

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Photos: 130625 Dazzling, Ethereal Dara Shines in SBS Incarnation Official Pics – Warning: Might Cause Extreme Bouts of Envy

OMG Dara, why are you doing this to us? T_T She just looks so dazzlingly perfect.. So so so gorgeous, my beautiful, beautiful goddess! And she is beautiful both inside and out as well.. ❤

Excuse your perfect, Dara-ya, just excuse.. ❤ Her perfection is blinding.. /full fangirl mode


But of course, here is our Darong’s pretty smile that could launch a thousand fanboys’ hearts.. ❤ 






News: 2NE1’s Sandara Park Explains Why She Texts Members Even at Home

2NE1’s Sandara Park Explains Why She Texts Members Even at Home


With rumors of discord between the 2NE1 members, Sandara Park decided to clear the air.

On June 25’s broadcast of SBS’ Incarnation, Sandara Park appeared as a guest with fellow member, CL.

There, MC Kim Gura asked about a rumor he’s heard about the 2NE1 members not getting along behind cameras.

I heard you even text the members inside the dorms because you don’t want to talk to them,” said the MC.


“I have a very shy personality that I don’t like being a burden to another person,” said Sandara Park, denying the rumor. “Even if I have something to say, I can’t seem to knock on their doors, so I hit pots instead.”

She shared that she’s comfortable with all the members, but she just chooses to text.

Once I meet them, I’m able to talk to them, but it’s just hard to knock on the door or call on the phone,” said Sandara Park, showing a bit of her 4D personality.

She even added that she doesn’t like knocking on the bathroom door, so she gets up early in the morning to use it first.

I don’t want to knock and disturb anyone during a time when they should be focusing.”


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