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Video/Translations: 131224 2NE1 on Beatles Code 3D

The members said Park Bom is popular.
– How famous are the guys who hit on you?
Bom: (humbly) A…class…
CL: I’ve never been hit on by anyone.
Dara: I don’t remember how many times exactly.
Minzy: No one’s hit on me, either.

Dara lives in Apgujeong. Because it’s around Cheondung’s dorm.
Bom also lives in Apgujeong.
CL lives in Itaewon.

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Video: Preview of 2NE1 on Beatles Code 3D

Credit: @21_Tok

Scan: Dara, Thunder, Seungho and Mir at BLAQ% Asia Tour Concert 2012 Photobook


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Article: MBLAQ’s Thunder and Mir Talk About Their Sisters Appearance


MBLAQ‘s Mir and Thunder may both have older sisters in the entertainment industry, but the two of them have incredibly different outlooks on their sisters.

On the June 10 installment of ‘Beatles Code 2‘, Thunder was asked if he thought his older sister, 2NE1‘s Dara, was pretty. He answered, “When I see her at home, I don’t think she’s that pretty. But when she’s on stage with the others, I think she’s really pretty.” The MCs joked, “Are you saying the other female celebrities are ugly? Like Girls’ Generation?“. Thunder quickly corrected himself and stated, “I mean that since she’s so pretty even among pretty people, I realize she’s very pretty.

However, Mir thought the exact opposite! On his sister actress Go Eun Ah, he said, “My sister is the worst of the worst“. When the MCs repeated what he said, he emphasized, “The worst of the worst of the worst! Even when my mother sees my sister at home, she says, ‘There’s a hobo over there’.

Still, Seungho chose Go Eun Ah as being closer to his ideal type, and Lee Joon said he’d pick Dara out of the two. As for G.O, he chose Dara because he saw Go Eun Ah and the rest of Mir’s family too often.

Source: AllKpop

News: Thunder – “My Noona, Sandara Park, Is Beautiful Even In The Midst Of Pretty People”

Thunder, “Noona Sandara Park, Beautiful Among Celebrities”


MBLAQ‘s Thunder gives an honest remark about 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

On the broadcast of “Beatles Code” on June 10th, MBLAQ came as guest stars as they start their promotional activities for “Smoky Girl.”

Recently, Thunder lived in the same house as Sandara Park (T/N: Probably their family home. Dara and Thunder usually stay with their group members at their company residences while promoting) while doing his recordings. He said, “When she’s made-up and among other celebrities, I get impressed and think that my noona is very pretty, but I also thought that even at home (T/N: Probably he means even when she’s dressed simply and bare-faced), she’s still beautiful,” he revealed. He continued, “Even standing amongst pretty people, my noona still looks very beautiful,” he said, showing his pride for his sister, and boasting of their close friendship.

On the other hand, Mir said of older sister, actress Go Eun Ah, “My noona, Go Eun Ah, is really bad,” he said, “There was never a time that I thought she was pretty,” giving the words of how most siblings see each other.

After this, the MBLAQ members held an impromptu popularity poll for the two MBLAQ noonas, Sandara Park and Go Eun Ah.

Meanwhile, Thunder and Mir‘s “Noona Love” can be seen on the broadcast of “Beatles Code 2” on the 10th, at 6:00PM.

T/N: On the screencap, the captions with Thunder says, “Pretty even among pretty people.”


Source: Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Me2Day: Dara Snaps a Photo with MBLAQ’s Thunder, Seungho and Mir

Kyaaa!!! This totally made my night!!! I’ve been waiting for the day when Dara will snap a photo with MBLAQ! And I guess this is D-DAY! Did I mention that they all look stunning in the picture? THEY DO!!! <333 Joon and GO are not in the picture though, I hope she updates again with the two of them. Kekeke! ^^

Oh, and would you look at how protective Thunder is? Keeping Dara at his side, and blocking Seungho with his foot! LMAO! Park Siblings love!!! <333

Spot Dadoong! Kkk! ^^

엠블랙 콘서트 다녀왔어요!!!>.<콘서트전에 대기실에 갔는데~이 청년들이 외모만 훈훈한게 아니라 성격도 참 훈남일세!너무너무 친절하고 예의발라서 기분이 너무너무 좋았어요!ㅠ공연도 완젼 멋잇엇고! 무대에서 천둥이가 인사 두번해줌!아이컨텍ㅋㅋ미르도해줌!나 오늘 계탓네!ㅎㅎ

I went to MBLAQ’s concert!!! >.< I went to the waiting room before the concert ~ these young men don’t only look warm on the outside but truly have warm personalities! They were so kind and courteous that I was really delighted! TT The performances were awesome too! Thunder greeted twice from the stage! Eye contact ke ke Mir did too! It was a great day today! hu hu

Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: ygdragonheart@DGH

Video: [Eng Subbed] Dara @ MBLAQ’s Radio

Credit: YGSRASubs2


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News: MBLAQ’s Mir, “I Like Sandara Park More Than My Sister, Go Eunah”

In the July 2nd episode of MBC TV ‘Section TV Entertainment Report,’ the “Byul Byul Ranking” section took on a survey with the topic called ‘Who are the Fantasy Star Family?’

In the survey, Go Eunah & Mir, Sandara Park & Chundoong ranked #9 on the ‘Fantasy Star Family.’

To this, Mir expressed his thoughts, confessing, “Because we were newcomers, it’s true that my big sister’s help (in the sense of popularity) played a big role”

Adding on, when asked, “Between Go Eunah and Sandara Park, who is prettier?” Mir honestly replied, “I was already Sandara Park’s fan, so I like Sandara Park more than my big sister.”

**Translator commentary– on the bottom right corner of the pic, the captions say, “Chundoong also betrays his own sister,” So I’m guessing Chundoong likes Go Eunah more than Sandara? LOL~!

Source: Nate
Translations by eunaah @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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Video: ThunDara on Section TV Entertainment

Who is the Fantasy Star Family?

Credit: tamtamoxo & ohdara2