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News: Sandara Park Gets Bewildered Over Fan Message – “Dara Unnie, We Love… Your Brother”

Sandara Park Gets Bewildered Over Fan Message – “Dara Unnie, We Love… Your Brother”


Girl group 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, revealed a message she received from fans, which left her quite puzzled.

On the 17th, Sandara Park updated her Twitter account with, “Thank you A+ TH” along with a picture.

The message “Dara unnie, we love your brother” was written on the paper that Sandara Park is seen holding up. This message came from “A+” the official fanclub of idol group MBLAQ, of which her younger brother, Thunder, is a member of. Sandara Park‘s perplexed and bewildered expression drew laughter from those who saw the picture. It seemed that A+ fanclub members directly sent their message of affection for Thunder to Sandara Park herself. But even with her mixed feelings about the message, Sandara Park still wanted to express her gratitude for the fans’ support.

Netizens who saw the picture commented with, “Sandara Park’s facial expression is too cute,” “Her shocked expression looks really real,” “Sandara Park’s mental breakdown,” “Cute!” “Anything with Sandara Park and Thunder is cute,” “Even Sandara Park’s mental breakdown looks super cute,” “This kind of message is very straightforward,” “Sandara Park is the cutest,” “The popularity of these siblings seem to increase,” “Thunder and Sandara Park are both progressing,” “Sandara Park can act really well,” “Dara unnie, is it even possible for you to not be cute?” “Sandara Park’s fan message is fun,” “Sandara Park’s surprised expression is so cute,” “Looks like Thunder’s foreign fans are becoming more visible,” “Sandara Park and Thunder are superior siblings,” “Sandara Park who got shocked by the fan message,” “Dara-unnie loves this younger brother too,” “It’s actually a confession for Thunder,” showing their reactions.


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Netizens reactions on Nate article:

Thunder, let your noona know we love her. [+18,-3]
Why did the MBLAQ fans send that to Sandara ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But her expression is just priceless [+9,-1]
ㅎㅎ So cute! [+12,-3]
Everything is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sandara Park is cute, the fans are cute too ㅋㅋ [+5,-0]

Twitter: Cute Darong Thanks MBLAQ’s Thai Fans

Awww! This is so cute! Mblaq’s TH fans prepared this for Dara! ❤


BFiftqdCIAARDLISource: @krungy21

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Me2Day: Dara Snaps a Photo with MBLAQ’s Thunder, Seungho and Mir

Kyaaa!!! This totally made my night!!! I’ve been waiting for the day when Dara will snap a photo with MBLAQ! And I guess this is D-DAY! Did I mention that they all look stunning in the picture? THEY DO!!! <333 Joon and GO are not in the picture though, I hope she updates again with the two of them. Kekeke! ^^

Oh, and would you look at how protective Thunder is? Keeping Dara at his side, and blocking Seungho with his foot! LMAO! Park Siblings love!!! <333

Spot Dadoong! Kkk! ^^

엠블랙 콘서트 다녀왔어요!!!>.<콘서트전에 대기실에 갔는데~이 청년들이 외모만 훈훈한게 아니라 성격도 참 훈남일세!너무너무 친절하고 예의발라서 기분이 너무너무 좋았어요!ㅠ공연도 완젼 멋잇엇고! 무대에서 천둥이가 인사 두번해줌!아이컨텍ㅋㅋ미르도해줌!나 오늘 계탓네!ㅎㅎ

I went to MBLAQ’s concert!!! >.< I went to the waiting room before the concert ~ these young men don’t only look warm on the outside but truly have warm personalities! They were so kind and courteous that I was really delighted! TT The performances were awesome too! Thunder greeted twice from the stage! Eye contact ke ke Mir did too! It was a great day today! hu hu

Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: ygdragonheart@DGH