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Photo: Supportive Big Noona Sandara Park’s Flower Wreath for Thunder and MBLAQ’s Concert ~ “Cheondoong’s #1 Fan and Sister”


Cheondoong’s #1 Fan and Sister Sandara Park. 


Source: @TamDung0517

Translated by: @21GYDTS

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Me2Day: Dara Snaps a Photo with MBLAQ’s Thunder, Seungho and Mir

Kyaaa!!! This totally made my night!!! I’ve been waiting for the day when Dara will snap a photo with MBLAQ! And I guess this is D-DAY! Did I mention that they all look stunning in the picture? THEY DO!!! <333 Joon and GO are not in the picture though, I hope she updates again with the two of them. Kekeke! ^^

Oh, and would you look at how protective Thunder is? Keeping Dara at his side, and blocking Seungho with his foot! LMAO! Park Siblings love!!! <333

Spot Dadoong! Kkk! ^^

엠블랙 콘서트 다녀왔어요!!!>.<콘서트전에 대기실에 갔는데~이 청년들이 외모만 훈훈한게 아니라 성격도 참 훈남일세!너무너무 친절하고 예의발라서 기분이 너무너무 좋았어요!ㅠ공연도 완젼 멋잇엇고! 무대에서 천둥이가 인사 두번해줌!아이컨텍ㅋㅋ미르도해줌!나 오늘 계탓네!ㅎㅎ

I went to MBLAQ’s concert!!! >.< I went to the waiting room before the concert ~ these young men don’t only look warm on the outside but truly have warm personalities! They were so kind and courteous that I was really delighted! TT The performances were awesome too! Thunder greeted twice from the stage! Eye contact ke ke Mir did too! It was a great day today! hu hu

Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: ygdragonheart@DGH

Photos: 120721 Press Photos of Gorgeous Dara at MBLAQ’s Concert

OH MY GOD, DARA IS SO GORGEOUS I SWEAR!!! She looks really happy, and so, I am happy!!! <333

Oh, and it looks like Dara watched the concert with Mommy Park! In some photos, you could see mommy Park beside Dara! ^^

Thunder, MBLAQ fighting!!! ^_^


Photo: 120721 Beautiful Dara at MBLAQ’s “BLAQ% Tour” in Seoul

VERY BEAUTIFUL DARA!!! T___T She looks so happy and proud! Supportive noona is jjang! :’) <333

Credits: @annacyou + @i_am_ur_Aplus + @OMG_SANDAR

Photo: Supportive Dara’s Congratulatory Wreath for MBLAQ’s Concert

Sweet Dara!!! Here is her flower wreath for Thunder and MBLAQ’s concert! Dara, always the supportive noona! <333

Cheondung-A I Love You uuuu – From nuna who has haft-shaved hair style but still pretty % – BLAQ% Tour Hwating!!!

Credits: Nate + @the2NE1hour