OH MY GOD, DARA IS SO GORGEOUS I SWEAR!!! She looks really happy, and so, I am happy!!! <333

Oh, and it looks like Dara watched the concert with Mommy Park! In some photos, you could see mommy Park beside Dara! ^^

Thunder, MBLAQ fighting!!! ^_^

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    Dara park

  2. wow! im happy coz she’s very happy, looks how she smile, a very proud noona.


  4. alterego said:

    Don’t tell me you didn’t kiss that close-up picture with her lips parted… coz I certainly did and to think I’m a girl… sheesh! Hahaha! Her aura is overflowing besides her humble stature not to mention the fact that she is brimming with happiness that it almost over powered the event that was being held itself! Hahaha! Amazing I tell you, she seems to just conquer a piece of your heart without you even noticing! This lovely creature is Such a gift from God indeed!

  5. Aww Dara and mummy Park are so supportive of Thunder♥! Dara is so beautiful :’), I love her hair colour :O!

  6. Daralings ,
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  7. anonyMOEs said:

    I love seeing her smile….if shes happy…im happy (:

  8. no shipping. TOP’s mom and Dara’s mom looks alike.keke…

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  10. My other focus was on dara’s manager instead of mommy park hhh! He looks abit of wooyoung.. Where’s jjangmae ? I miss jjangmae and dara..

  11. Park Sanghyun forever said:

    so sweet dara unnie…last year she come MBLAQ’s concert and this year also she come. ^_^
    such a perfect siblings and mommy park also come 😛

  12. Her smiles reaches to her eyes! She looks lovely ^^

  13. she’s so pretty!!!
    i really love her how she’s being so supportive towards cheundong

  14. dara looks like gd in the 5th picture..(i’m not pairing okay..just saying)..
    most importantly!!! she looks so happy!!!1 and that makes me hapypy..

  15. Wow mommy park was there! ^_^

  16. Oh my gosh! Perfection!♥ She’s so simply pretty! And she looks really happy! Kyaaaa. Such a supportive and sweet sister:)))

  17. petitedara said:

    where is her sister?

  18. amership said:

    Dara is really gorgeous

    and love her watch

    she’s simple

    yet glamour

    love her sense of fashion

  19. she looks great! I just love her hair! her mom is so beautiful, we could so see how dara is going to age. XD

  20. perfect skin <333

  21. eric011 said:

    wow DARA SO PRETTY…! but she looks like need to gain some weight..! anyways she’s perfect !♥♥

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