Innocent VS Sexy, Eye-Catching Girl Group Make Up

Idols build up their images from their first stage appearance, before they begin to establish their own images. Depending on their group’s concept, plus other variables such as their costumes, the time of their debut, and the number of their activities, their images will also change. Make-up plays a big variable in girl group styles.

◇ Even with smokey eye make up, still innocent Suzy & Sandara Park

With Miss A‘s sexy dancing and singing, Suzy made her debut with the group’s sexy image, meeting the public for the first time with semi-smokey make-up. But with her appearance in the KBS Drama “Dream High” last year, where she played a student, Suzy became popular with her clean eye make-up, with little color or no make-up at all. Her cute image in the drama became more associated with her, compared to her stage image.

Group 2NE1’s Sandara Park is a great idol representative. With her small face and cute facial features, she made a strong impression during their debut for the song, “Fire” with her strong eye line on their stage performances.

Sandara Park then became a cosmetics model (Etude House), and since then has attracted people with her bright and youthful look, while sporting light make-up mostly in orange and pink shades, giving her a more feminine look. This makes people forget that she’s actually an ’84 liner, because of her young looks.


*T/N: Omitted parts not related to Dara.*



Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Article Clip: Innocent VS Sexy, Eye-Catching Girl Group Make Up – Dara And Suzy" (11)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. kissyvee said:

    Forever Young Dara FTW!!
    I love all her looks, sexy or innocent, Dara nails it every single time!
    Goddess Dara <333

  3. Suzy is pretty. she has that innocent with a little seductive look….

    and then you scroll down the page and see Dara…. wow, she’s a goddess!

  4. both pretty but dara’s way prettier, in dream high suzy looked plain looking without make up, her no makeup face is no stand out. not that i am dara bias, it’s just that unlike our goddess dee, without make-up she remains gorgeous and even better looking without makeup, and dara look really young, they look same age

  5. Both are obviously natural beauties. They’re both beautiful but more so dara.. I was thinking “how will suzy look like when she’s dara’s age??? *shrugs shoulder*

  6. the awkward moment when u thought dara is younger than suzy. HAHAHA

  7. OMO I really like the middle pic of Dara with Black hair. I wish I see her again with Black hair and straight hair

  8. i’m not korean and both naturally beautiful , Dara is rlly pretty joyful interesting i hope Dara find her love soon and have fun . and actually suzy not that atractting i didn’t interested her all / acting singing dancing etc…./

  9. cyndikrystelle said:

    They’re both pretty and nailed the innocent look….oh wait, I thought they have the same age for a moment!Youthful Dara ftw!;)

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