“2NE1 Are Not Pretty”…. Yang Hyun Suk, “Cool Is Better”

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk (43) publicly declares that he doesn’t find 2NE1 pretty.

On the 21st, Yang Hyun Suk appeared as the guest on the SBS show, “Healing Camp.” When asked by the show MCs, “What criteria do you have in choosing artists?” the YGE CEO replied with, “The rumors that I did not look at appearances when choosing 2NE1 and Big Bang are not true, in reality, I do look at appearance also. During audtions I also look at their appearance, aside from the voices,” he confessed.

Comparing them to other girl groups, the looks of YG’s girl group, 2NE1, is surely different, and he says that he is aware of the comments. In fact, Yang Hyun Suk said, “It’s true that 2NE1 are not pretty,” he said in his frank manner, drawing laughter from the MCs. He went on to say that, “In fact, 2NE1 members are not tall, and they don’t have average pretty faces. But more importantly, I think they’re cool.

He goes on to say, “I think that a cool person is better than just being pretty,” he said, “2NE1’s CL and Gong Minzy have charisma. It’s cool. It’s my style,” he confirmed.


Sources: Nate News: 1 2 3

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "News: “2NE1 Are Not Pretty”…. Yang Hyun Suk, “Cool Is Better”" (31)

  1. Rabbit love said:

    2ne1 is ever so beautiful! From those daring hair cuts hair colors, those awesome fashion trends, eyes, smile, and most importantly…THEIR PERSONA! I mean they’re beautiful from inside and out!! Dara, CL, Bommie, and Minzy….you girls are beautiful!! Girls, you don’t need a guy or anyone else to tell you you are pretty–you should know ❤

  2. 2NE1 is PRETTY!!!!! , i think if other people say that they are not pretty its ok but coming from the CEO and a father that 2NE1 looked up too is very hurtful, at least he himself should praise them!!

    CL is over flowing w/ charisma and aegyo
    Minzy is getting mature now she is being a woman a very attractive one
    Bom is the BOMB!!!! w/ that legs and body of hers!!!
    and Dara cmo’n she is the most beautiful pretty Goddess among female idols!! GOD!!!

    YG praise them more!!

  3. Yes President YG your right that 2ne1 is so UGLY as in Uberly Gorgeous Ladies of Yg….beat that!!!!

  4. daralove said:

    I agree being cool is better than being pretty.
    But what if 2NE1 watched it? Don’t you think they might get a little hurt by what he said about them not being pretty?

  5. waaaaat d hell!
    dara gve him a lessn..shw him wat d wrd pretty mins..
    pls fanboys react…
    still hopng 4 jaejoong and dara or junsu n dara:-)

  6. Did he say they are UGLY? NOOOO! He said they’re not pretty or they dont have average pretty faces that we see on kpop idols. So he didnt mean they are literally ugly. What he means is that They are average looking. Is that bad? No! He even said that being cool is better than being pretty! Which is i agree more! All of them are pretty in their own way not just appearances. So dont be mad at him. All of them are pretty not just dara. Yg knows best he takes care of th properly for sure

  7. Guys, as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The thing is i became a daraling not because dara is pretty. To tell you the truth i am not a fan of dara’s beauty at first but as the time goes by i find myself smiling and always on a good mood when i see dara’s smiling face maybe because the good aura inside of her radiates outside thus the good vibes become infectious to the people around her. For me, what important is how 2ne1 affects us on our daily lives and we should not be bothered on superficial things ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. I think YG means that 2ne1 are not the typical pretty girl group like what where always seeing in KPOP world.. but he thinks that they are cool.. first thing WHY DO WE LOVE 2NE1??? bcoz they are different/unique..

  9. sivviee said:

    And one more thing, I don’t mind if Dara is ‘not pretty’ in YG’s eyes this time because even before in 2NE1 TV few times did he express his opinion towards Dara’s natural beauty. Even Teddy does. YG is referring 2NE1 as a whole this time. Their theme and genre. What they represent.

    And I can’t imagine Dara not be in 2NE1 too, so am fine YG calling her cool. If Dara debuted to other groups, sure they will take advantage of her beauty and be the beauty in charge of the group. If it happens, Dara will just be ‘another’ beauty in KPOP. If you felt what I felt, you will say that Dara’s beauty is a mystery in 2NE1 and crave more to see her more in pretty style. It’s just reverse tactic, if other girl groups wants to expose the pretty girls in their group fast sooner before debut, YG is delaying it to dee which is sooooooo effective. I can’t get enough of D! 2ne1 is pretty and cool and swaggy! They are the best after all 🙂

  10. sivviee said:

    oh ~ I think YHS defines ‘pretty’ in a korean standards. Like they have to be cute, innocent, pouts, and winks. Have beautiful hair, shiny legs. But I think the ‘pretty’ stereotype in Korea was change ever since 2NE1 debuted where girls doesn’t afraid to speak up anymore and it is not enough to be ‘barbie’ for you to be pretty. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but it just reminds me of how Japanese thinks about ‘prettiness’. In Japan, you are consider prettier if your skin is more white (yeah they have natural white skin but) if you are white-ier you are more pretty there. It’s all about appearances, just like in Korea that if you don’t find yourself pretty then in your 16th bday, you can ask momma for a nose job, it’s pretty common there. And if 2NE1 continues representing girl power and expresses it with shocking fashion and att-itu-de, the first thing that really comes in your mind is their SWAG, not ‘oh they looks so pretty’ like most GG in Korea does. And that makes 2NE1 unique. I think only 2NE1 has this distinct persona in Korea which makes them more ‘prettier’ among all other ggs in the fans eyes.

  11. i can’t believe this! yg said 2ne1 as a whole, DARA IS A TOTAL BEAUTY, are you blind yg? lost respect, so disappointed, especially now that they are about to make a comeback why said that?

    • Agree!!!!2NE1 are about to make a comeback!!!!!Why he said that?!!!!!!!! T_T
      Some american/british singers are ugly …ex:Nicki minaj (big ass), Jessie J(big face), etc. BUT their Agencies NEVER say their artist are ugly!!!!!!
      What the hell was he thingking?!!!!Does He want to destroy 2ne1 so bad?!!!it’s so f obvious now…. 😦


    • don’t get mad. i agree with papa YG. I think being cool is wayyyyyyy more good than being pretty. 2ne1 is not pretty their BEAUTIFUL. IF you will just think deeper on about YG’s statement, you will understand him. 🙂

    • Ur exaggerating too much! We all know 2ne1 is not pretty I mean they are but compare to other groups they came last. Well dara is pretty but YG is saying it as a whole. I didn’t like 2ne1 coz of their looks i love them coz of their music that is more important. What will you do if your beautiful if your not talented at all.

  13. cyndikrystelle said:

    I agree that being cool is better than being pretty!but the thing is 2NE1 got those two!moreover, I could think a lot more adjectives that could describe them…other girl groups, I can only think one…heh~ 😛

  14. Maybe ‘pretty’ for YG means delicate and feminine. We all know that the 2NE1 girls are tough and fierce so I do agree that they are the coolest in the K-pop world! :))

  15. Jerecho said:

    I’m really disappointed with how YG said it. He should atleast been a bit sensitive with how he answered. If a was him, I wouldn’t just say they’re not pretty alone (even though they’re 2NE1, insecurities still hits them especially if it’s from the person where they listen most and saying they’re cool is not enough) but say more like they’re rather are beautiful and I’m not just saying the physical appearance but rather the fact at how they represent themselves, besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty is not one sided alone, there confidence and charisma is how we see them differently and that’s beautiful to me alone.

    Bonus is they’re fashion and style, now that’s AMAZINGLY Beautiful. Ok, scratch that last statement. Hehehe

  16. mybabysav47 said:

    why papa yg? why?so.so.so disappointed @ him!..lost some respect….what he said is just too harsh!i couldn’t understand why he need to said that on tv….!!

  17. amership said:

    Aigooo Kids,..

    I honestly understand why YG said the phrase, coz its absolutely wrong to call them pretty one is that, pretty word is a limited adjective..YG is so proud of his girls that putting/connecting limited words doesn’t justify on how he see’s the girl’s, they’re indeed cool way cooler than anybody else in the Kpop industry..and he sure knows the capability of each one of them.

    Just like a real father he doesn’t want his kids to be subjected as pretty girls alone.. he wants us to see the girls in a more deeper way than just a face who act cutesy…you your self knows and see that the four of them do has a face to die for right?.. in just a different way so no need for emphasis on that matter …

    My Dad never told me that I am pretty, but instead..he always told his frnds that he’s proud of me and gorgeous just the way he wants me to be..

    and for sure that is how YG is to the girls..
    they’re Gorgeous, and no questions asks to that..
    let’s not question why YG said the phrase..
    he’s just being a father to them
    a proud father indeed..

  18. I understand how some people say his words are tough love, but I just find it rude. They are beautiful girls and should not be called ugly or anything.

    I never really liked him, started from the beginning of 2NE1 TV. He says things too hard, calling them fat, ugly and things like that does not make them gro. It rather undermines their confidence to be called such things by the person whos opinion they value.

  19. YG is really tough love, but he doesn’t sugar-coat things and instead faces reality. Although his words are hard to take, he does care a lot about the girls. Knowing him, having cool artists that appeal to worldwide tastes is better than just pretty faces who can only act cute and too Asian-restricted. He probably knows that they are all beautiful (not pretty), and doesn’t want to use that word instead.

  20. kattoii said:

    CL is gorgeous, it is not perfect but it is very pretty, her face her body her personality *O*, all member of 2NE1 are beautiful i feel bad for them, for it says in public? e__é

    • Missy musni said:

      That’s what I’m sayin I know that yhs .. Already said that they are not petty but why say it in public right ??
      I just feel disappointed .. He makes the girls feel ashamed now .. But I think the girls will just listen to him .. Omg .. I can’t get over it .. Really hurts my girls feeling !

  21. lol that is why he always call CL UGLY keke but CL is pretty

  22. cheng-cheng said:

    I think he is referring only to CL and Minzy coz thats the obvious reaction to their looks. of course Dara and Bom are pretty. but collectively, 2ne1 is referred to as the non-traditional girl group where majority of the other groups are attractive. He specifically defends CL and Minzy to those who thinks looks are the most important thing in the K-Pop Scene. He really is a great papa to the girls

    • Missy musni said:

      He is not .. When he said 2ne1 means the four of them .. It’s a group ..
      I just don’t like it that he calls them ugly . Fat . Etc.

  23. you mean Sandara Park is not Pretty, but MC Lee Seunggi in Strong Heart he Said Sandapra Park is Totally Beauty? maybe CL and Minzy are not pretty but hello??? Park Bom and Sandara Park so Pretty even without make up…

  24. sweepberry said:

    Sorry to say this but I see other things than papa YG’s trollin’.
    Did anyone see the BG? I see 2NE1!!!
    a rabbit for Dara.
    gundam/doughie for Minzy
    Stitch for Bom (for I see no closer one, since she whore stitch cap on 2ne1tv)
    for CL’s pic to compromise. XD

  25. Thats not true !! Dara is pretty !!
    Bom is sexy !
    Cl and minzy yah they’re charismatic
    I can’t believed he said that !
    I know being cool is good but why would u say that in public ?? I wonder how 2ne1 feels about this .. Remember cl said in strong heart !! She feel sad 😦 all of them must be really sad :((

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