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Article: Push.Com~ “EXCLUSIVE: Sandara Park Reveals Having Many Suitors”

EXCLUSIVE: Sandara Park reveals having many suitors


Asian superstar Sandara Park did not bat an eyelash when asked about her love life.

In an exclusive interview with after her press conference for local clothing brand Penshoppe, Sandara admitted that she does have a number of suitors.

Pero hindi pa ako sumagot kasi siguro feeling ko gusto ko munang mag-work and concentrate muna,” she explained. (“I haven’t answered/entertained them because I feel like I want to focus on work and concentrate first.”)

It seems though that the Pambansang Krung Krung is not closing her doors on love.

“I can’t promise na hindi ako magkaka-love life kasi if one day nandiyan ‘yung prince charming ko, hindi ko alam kung ano ang gagawin ko,” she said. “Baka sabihin ko sa Instagram ‘Uy may boyfriend ako!’ Hindi ko rin alam.” (“I can’t promise that I won’t have a love life in the future, because what if one day my Price Charming appears; I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll post on Instagram and say, ‘Hey, I have a boyfriend already!’ I don’t know.”)

Last year, Sandara was rumored to be dating My Love From The Star actor Kim Soo-hyun after they were reportedly spotted having dinner together.

While she remains to be single, Sandara is very close to a number of boys under her management label YG Entertainment. Just last year, Sandara’s closeness with them made headlines after she posted photos of her with boy group iKON and rap trio Epik High.

Nakakatuwa kasi ako ‘yung Ate pero feeling nila sila ang Kuya,” shared the 31-year-old star. (“It’s really funny because I’m their noona, but they feel that they’re my oppas.” <pertaining to iKON>)

She continued, “So parang nakakatawa ‘yung mga relationship ko with the boys. Ngayon nakakalungkot kasi sobrang busy sila. Meron silang tour all over the world so parang hindi kami nagkikita.” (“So my relationship with the boys is really delightful. But it’s saddening because they’re super busy nowadays. They have a world tour, so we can’t see each other.”)

However, Sandara admitted that they do get in touch even if they are miles apart.

“Yes naman. Kapag may birthday, happy birthday ganyan,” she said. (“Yes, of course. If it’s someone’s birthday, we greet each other ‘happy birthday’ stuff like that.”)

After her official events with the clothing brand, Sandara spent some down time in Tagaytay and a theme park in Laguna.


Source: PUSH
e-uploaded and translated by: OhDara

Photos: 160402 Official Pictures of Radiant, Charming Sandara Park at “It’s Showtime” Guesting

Dara, Dara, sweet, bright Sandara Park! ❤ Dara looks so cute and fresh, seriously, look at her! ❤ Orange looks so great on her, it makes her skin glow more radiant than it already is.. ❤








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Videos: 160402 Cutie Sandara Park Plays “TrabaHula” and Attempts a Tongue Twister Challenge on “It’s Showtime!”

In the game, Dara has to guess the “real” dentist among the four contestants.. ^^ Dara didn’t get it..Kekekeke! XD But she had fun and she was glad to come back to Showtime again.. ^_^ I also love how they call her “Sandy” in a friendly and familiar manner.. ❤

It’s Showtime: Sandara Park plays TrabaHula!

In the video, the guys were asking what Dara could advice them as she is part of a group. The boys are part of a dance group called Hashtag. 

Dara said:

“Friendship is important. So, don’t fight. Even though sometimes you’ll get upset, but I know you love each other.Having fun is also important.

So you guys must be happy/enjoy all the time so there’ll be no fights. Happy, happy”

Credits: ABS-CBN Entertainment

Twitter/Instagram (160331): Photos of Beautiful Tourist Dara in Manila

Tourist Dara in Manila #intramuros


Ang sarap ng buko juice!!! 🎈🌴

Dara buko

Trans: Coconut Water is delicious!!!

Sandara Park at Luneta Park

dara lunera

Sources: daraxxi +@krungy21

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Twitter: Dara @krungy21: ugh!!! Thunder… be quietㅠ.ㅠ I’m scared


Trans: : ugh!!! Thunder… be quietㅠ.ㅠ I’m scared (thunder rumbling)!!!


Source: @krungy21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Trans: 21GYDTS @welovedara

Videos: Dara Among Guests in Joross Gamboa & Katz Saga Wedding Photos Video Compilation

Awww, the wedding photos look so nice and the wedding looked so warm and pretty.. ❤ 

Joross Gamboa & Katz Saga Wedding Photos by Nice Print Photography

Credits: NicePrintChannel

Twitter/Instagram: 141116 Dara (@krungy21) ~ Kids that i met by coincidence at Epik High oppas’ concert…


TRANS “ Kids that i met by coincidence at Epik High oppas’ concert. When Seungyoon saw me, he said   “Noona, the weather is cold, you can’t come wearing pants like this!” kya.. Warm warm


Source: @krungy21;

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Article: Confessions of a 2NE1 Stan


We know it’s raining Balmain and KTZ, Jeremy Scott to Givenchy, but we hope underneath all of your Fendi furs, you keep a little space for us Pinoys in your precious little Chrome Heart

MANILA, Philippines – Hoy, Dara! Kamusta na?

I am happy to report that we are enjoying fabulous weather here in our beloved Philippines — sweltering to a fault, practically hellish at times, but lovely all the same. Thanks for asking! #WelcomeHomeDara I say to you, but please do lather on the sun screen, we wouldn’t want to ferry you home with a sunburn. Papa YG doth not prescribe a bronzed concept for our porcelain princess, a look that did find success with Yubin from the Wonder Girls but hardly on anybody else. A strange factoid, but oh well — climate change is real, you guys, and no K-pop idol is safe from dehydration, let alone unwanted tans. But I digress. Now that we’ve exchanged our usual amount of pleasantries, I am writing you now because I have a confession to make. I know this may come off as a shock, but I feel the time has come for me to come out and say it. Sandara Park, gulp, I am your biggest fan.

I had heard through the grapevine that you’ve made the trip to Manila sometime in the past week, making the rounds from Showtime to Gandang Gabi Vice. It is a bit disconcerting to have heard it first from the news, was I wrong in expecting a few missives from your camp? A text, maybe? Don’t I still follow you on Twitter and Instagram? Are we still friends? I was hoping you would finally take the opportunity to introduce me to our three new kabarkadas: CL, Park Bom and Minji, otherwise known as the bad bitches of 2NE1. From your meager roots of In-Or-Out, to the meteoric rise of the global hit I Am The Best, you have seriously made it big and I could not be happier for you.  I just wish we could all hang out. Am I asking for the world here? Don’t answer that.

But seriously, what gives — who was the first person to defend you online when you came out onstage with Vegeta’s hairstyle? Who championed the cooling benefits of that undercut you got for 2NE1’s “I Love You” round of promotions? And most of all, who deigned to not make fun of you for wearing Freego that one time? Newsflash! It was me. Right now, I know it’s raining Balmain and KTZ, Jeremy Scott to Givenchy, but I hope underneath all of your Fendi furs and Moschino, you can find a teensy little space for me in your precious little Chrome Heart. Or, Hearts.

Shocker, but I paid good money to see you perform tonight. It is my Plan B if this letter does not find purchase. Just know I am not going as your best friend but as your #1 fan. And though I do not belong to any of the pertinent fan clubs, I will be the one cheering for you the loudest. All or Nothing.

Always and forever, my pambansang krung-krung, Melissa Hicks



Photos: 140705 Beautiful Dara Hanging Out With Her Friends In The Philippines

Pretty Dara hanging out with her friends in the Philippines! I’m really happy that Dara will have this time to relax and simply hangout with her friends. She was so busy with guestings the last time she went here in the Philippines. T_T At least now, she can treat this as her vacation. ^^ 

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Joy rideeee!!!🚗 @daraxxi @theraphaelmartinez

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Joy rideeee!!! @daraxxi @theraphaelmartinez

wow na wow na surprise!!! belated happy birthday to me!!! tenchoo @daraxxi

Annyeong-haseyo! Hanging out with the Krungerz. Please identify them. Post-pigging coming of age of Atih Banana @anatabatina. The food that always binds us together.


News: 140517 Sandara Park guest stars on ‘PBB’

WATCH: Sandara Park guest stars on ‘PBB’

MANILA – Korean pop star Sandara Park appeared on an episode of the reality television show “Pinoy Big Brother: All In” on Friday.

Park, who is one fourth of girl group 2NE1, was asked to help out the housemates for a Korean-themed webisode, which was also the finale of the series entitled “Hmm Pak True Lab.”

“Natulala po ako kasi si Sandara Park po nandito. Sikat na sikat siya sa Korea, sikat na sikat siya sa Pilipinas,” admitted Fifth Solomon, who was asked by Kuya for his reaction on the surprise celebrity house guest.

The 30-year-old singer, who was wearing a bright red pullover dress, was met with similar awe from other housemates, with some blurting out introductions and amazement over Park’s fluency in the Filipino language.

Former child star Jane Oineza instantly recognized Park and shared that she once impersonated the pop star for a parody of the latter’s hit song, “In Or Out.”

“Oh my gosh si Sandara Park. Ang ganda niya Kuya sa personal. Para siyang Barbie,” said Oineza.

After the shoot for the webisode, Park gamely traded stories with the housemates. She told celebrity house guest Alex Gonzaga that a Korean “friend” of hers wanted to say hi.

“Si Ryan Bang ba yan?” asked Solomon –a question which seemed to startle the singer.

“Crush niya ako,” Gonzaga quickly added, much to the amusement of everyone in the room, including Park.

In the episode, Park taught the housemates several Korean expressions, including one for “you are beautiful” and “how are you.” She also showed off her dance moves when she performed to the tune of 2NE1’s hit “Fire,” with self-confessed K-pop fan Maris Racal.

“Ang cute niya po sobra. Sobrang humble po. Nakangiti siya lang lagi,” said Loisa Andalio in the house’s “confession room.”

Park, before leaving the Big Brother house, shared that she would’ve loved to stay for a night if she had the time. “Kung wala lang akong work, matutulog ako dyan,” she told Kuya.

“Kaya lang baka magbabayad ako kasi may contract ako. May gagawin ako bukas,” said Park, who will be at the Mall of Asia Arena this weekend for her group’s “All or Nothing” tour. “Pero kung wala, mag-stay pa ako dito.”

Tops trending topics again

Park’s appearance, which was her second time for the reality television show, immediately dominated social media conversations on Twitter Friday evening.

The episode’s official hashtag #SANDARAinPBBALLIN reached No.1 in the list of worldwide trending topics on the micro-blogging site.

Other terms such as “Hi Sandy” and “Bye Dara” were also part of the worldwide trends moments after the episode aired.

This came as no surprise, however, as since her arrival last Thursday, Park and her several television guestings frequently topped both local and worldwide trends.