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Instagram: The “Honeymooners” Upload Another Photo with Dara in Japan ~ At Universal Studios with βž•πŸ™‹

Kekekeke, OMG, why does the caption crack me up?! XDDD Anyway, I don’t think he meant it in a bad way, it’s just one of those things that you tease close friends with. .^^ I’m happy Dara got to spend time with the “honeymooners” in Japan though.. XD




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Videos: Dara Among Guests in Joross Gamboa & Katz Saga Wedding Photos Video Compilation

Awww, the wedding photos look so nice and the wedding looked so warm and pretty.. ❀ 

Joross Gamboa & Katz Saga Wedding Photos by Nice Print Photography

Credits:Β NicePrintChannel

Instagram: Eun-Jin and Min-Sun Share Photos with “Pretty Dara-Unnie” at Joross’s Wedding ~ “Congratulations!”

Kim Min-Sun and Kim Eun Jin are the two staff that came with Dara to the Philippines for Joross and Katz’s wedding.. ^_^Β 

10817973_662831127171921_1557933103_n#philippinesΒ #Back to the Philippines #We look like octopuses next to pretty Dara-unnie #Dara-unnie who travels to the Philippines

10838454_580332855431205_1910444731_n@jorossandkatz wedding party ^^ joross congratulation γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹


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Photos: 141129 Classy, Beautiful Dara in Joross and Katz Official Wedding Photos

Awww, Dara looks so elegant and classy in her gold dress! Love, love, love~! And congratulations to the newly wed couple, Joross Gamboa and Katz Saga! Many good tidings and happy returns.. ❀





Source:Β Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings
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