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Photos: 160409 Sandara Park, Park Bom, Goo Hye Sun, Big Bang, and More YG Family Members Attend 1TYM Member Baek Kyoung’s Wedding

1TYM member Baek Kyoung got married! And of course, YG Family were there to support him and his new wife.. ❤ Park Sisters, Dara and Bom, also attended the event! Don’t they look cute together with Bommie clinging to Dara like that? ^^ 






Instagram: YG Family Congratulations Mithra on his Wedding with Cute Certification Shots~ “Wedding with Overflowing Swag!”

Congratulations Mithra! ❤ Soooo nice to see Dara with her YG dongsaengs and Younha! ^^ I miss Minzy! I miss Lee Hi! I miss AkMu! TT


At Mithra Jin❤️Kwon Dahyun-nim’s wedding ceremony ~ 😍 Their wedding ceremony is really overflowing with beauty and swag and I had a happy time, its been a while since I saw these cute children!!! Ah… Me too… I wanted to get married!!! Today’s wedding ceremony is overflowing with swag!!! 👏👏👏 Congratulations~ Please be happy!!! ^.^


Congratulations on your wedding ^__^!!❤️@realmithrajin





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Photos: Fantaken Pics of Dara Attending a Wedding Plus a Cute Picture with an Adorable Baby ~ “Seriously a Goddess”

Dara attended a wedding, and I think Seungyoon was there too, he sang.. ^^ I love the description for Dara’s photo, she really is a goddess and it can be quite a shock the first time you see her face-to-face up-close! ❤


I went to a wedding yesterday, and Sandara Park was one of the guests… Seriously, she’s a goddess…… You’ll be amazed the first time you see her like this, her face is so small #SandaraPark #Guest #Wedding #TimeSquare #Amoris #YeongDeongPo

There’s also a pic with a cute baby! Unfortunately, I don’t know the source, so I can’t translate the caption. TT



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Instagram: Joross Thanks his Best Friend Dara for “Flying All the Way from Korea to Attend the Wedding”

Awww, their friendship and bond that crosses over seas and entire countries.. ^_^ 


Thank you my best friend @daraxxi for flying all the way from korea just to attend the wedding.  I know you weren’t able to join us during the dinner because you had to go on your flight back to Korea already. Anyways very much appreciated :). #jorossandkatz You can visit or visit for more pictures and videos or visit #niceprintchannel


To everyone who laughed with us, cried with us, who were with us in our journey… Thank you very much!  #jorossandkatz visit #niceprintchannel in youtube for more pictures and videos.


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Videos: Dara Among Guests in Joross Gamboa & Katz Saga Wedding Photos Video Compilation

Awww, the wedding photos look so nice and the wedding looked so warm and pretty.. ❤ 

Joross Gamboa & Katz Saga Wedding Photos by Nice Print Photography

Credits: NicePrintChannel

Instagram: Eun-Jin and Min-Sun Share Photos with “Pretty Dara-Unnie” at Joross’s Wedding ~ “Congratulations!”

Kim Min-Sun and Kim Eun Jin are the two staff that came with Dara to the Philippines for Joross and Katz’s wedding.. ^_^ 

10817973_662831127171921_1557933103_n#philippines #Back to the Philippines #We look like octopuses next to pretty Dara-unnie #Dara-unnie who travels to the Philippines

10838454_580332855431205_1910444731_n@jorossandkatz wedding party ^^ joross congratulation ㅋㅋㅋ


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